How to Securely Leak to the Press

In times of political or social strife or upheaval, you may have information that needs to be revealed to the public. Sometimes you can't talk openly about the information you have without risking government persecution, losing your job, or putting yourself and family at harm. In these situations, you need to be able to get the information into the hands of a journalist who can inform the public, without that information being traced back to you. To securely leak to the press, think like a spy, watch your back, and always cover your tracks.

How to Eat Healthy at a Buffet

Expert Reviewed Eating at a buffet is a great way to try new dishes and enjoy a great meal with friends, colleagues, or family. With so many food choices and the option to go back for seconds or thirds, it can be tricky to make healthy decisions. Next time you are at a conference, a wedding, or having dinner with friends at a buffet-style restaurant, take the time to plan ahead and avoid unhealthy, high-calorie dishes. If you survey the buffet, select nutrient-rich foods, and commit to practicing portion control, you can enjoy a healthy meal at a buffet.