How to Stop Getting Acne in the Same Spot

If you seem to get acne in the same place repeatedly, there may be an external factor irritating your skin. To prevent breakouts on your face, you should test out your makeup and hair care products to determine if they are the culprits. To avoid different kinds of body acne, you should wear loose-fitting clothes and always shower off after you exercise. Finally, with a proper cleaning regimen and a good diet, you can manage and prevent breakouts anywhere on your body.

How to Deal with Political Discord in a Relationship

Expert Reviewed In a perfect world, everyone would respect each other's political beliefs and live together peacefully. In this world, however, politics are known to tear apart friends, family, and even partners and spouses. If you and your partner are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, you may think your relationship is doomed. Fortunately, however, you can deal with political discord with your partner by staying respectful, looking at the benefits, and agreeing to disagree.

How to Make Sausage Gumbo

When it comes to classic Louisiana cuisine, it's hard to top gumbo, a thick, hearty stew featuring richly flavored stock and meat or shellfish. Instead of the usual shrimp- or chicken-based gumbo, though, switching things up with sausage can be a new twist on the dish. By sauteing the pepper, celery, and onion that helps flavor the gumbo in the same pot that you cook the sausage, you layer the flavors throughout the dish for truly delicious stew. Serve your sausage gumbo over cooked rice, and you'll have a dish that works well as a main course all on its own.