How to Sleep at the Airport

Long layovers can make even short trips unpleasant, but sleeping at the airport can be even more challenging. On top of normal airport distractions, you may have to dodge around cleaning crews or scout for a comfy area where you can camp out. Properly equip yourself for a stay in an airport with things like toiletries and earplugs. Do things like performing your bedtime routine and asking for a cot to improve the quality of the Z’s you catch while there. And whenever you sleep in an airport, please do so safely, by doing things like burglar-proofing your luggage and familiarizing yourself with airport security.

How to Buy Necessary Supplies for Your New Cat

When you are planning on getting a new cat, it is important to prepare for its arrival before you pick it up. You will need items to care for both its physical and mental well being. This means you will need to get supplies for feeding it, entertaining it, and keeping it healthy and safe. Having all the supplies ready will allow you to focus on getting the cat acclimated to its new home, instead of scrambling to get all the things it needs.