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How to Treat Hot Spots in Dogs
Expert Reviewed A hot spot, or what veterinarians term "acute moist dermatitis," is a painful and inflamed area of the skin that is often accompanied by discharge and a bad odor. Hot spots occur via allergic reactions to bacterial skin infections often caused by a lesion or wound. Skin breaks, lesions, and wounds can have a variety of causes, including flea bites, scratches, scrapes or
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How to Plan a Cookout
Having a cookout is a great way to celebrate a special occasion, but you can also host a barbecue just because. A cookout can be a small intimate gathering or a huge affair, and the key to planning is getting a head start. To give yourself lots of time, you should start planning things like the guest list and the menu a couple of weeks in advance. In the days leading up to the cookout,
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How to Know when Your Child Is Lying
Expert Reviewed Children’s lying evolves with their age, often beginning with simple and obvious lies and gradually becoming more sophisticated. They may lie to win an argument with a sibling, get out of doing their homework or deal with a difficult situation. You can tell if your child is lying by observing their body language, listening to the nuances of dialogue and using your
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School custodians or janitors make a difference in their school communities every day by providing for the safety and health of all the students, teachers, and others who pass through the buildings in their care. By being an active, attentive, and resourceful member of the school staff, custodians can make the lives of hundreds or thousands of other people better on a daily basis.
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How to Depict the Sun, Moon and Stars in a Dandelion Watercolor
Dandelions are common and grow like weeds. They are strong-willed and seem almost impervious to the lawn mower. Many believe that the dandelion represents the sun, moon and stars in their stages of life; the yellow flower, the sun, airy white puffballs a full moon, and seeds carried by the wind, stars. How long since you took a really good look at the dandelion? Let this unassuming
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If you are blind or visually impaired, you can use a computer to maintain your independence. Computers can be intimidating, especially if you don't have much experience using one – but the many accessibility options make it relatively easy to use a computer if you are blind or visually impaired. Choose a computer with accessibility features that are intuitive and easy for you to use.
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Natural aquarium plants are perfect for freshwater tanks, and some people even have plant-only aquariums! Pet stores usually carry quite an impressive array of plants nowadays, making it easier for anyone to make their tank a bit more interesting. Sadly, not every plant works for every situation, and rapidly dying plants are common. Be a smart consumer and read up on how to pick the
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How to Enhance Trust Using Gratitude
Expert Reviewed It’s a well-known fact that people who practice gratitude are healthier, happier, and more resilient than those who don’t. Gratitude can increase the level of trust in your life as well. Adopting a thankful outlook will help you trust other people more readily. When you demonstrate goodwill to others, they’ll be appreciative and trust you more, too. To enhance the trust
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How to Throw a Fourth of July Party
The Fourth of July is always a fun and festive time. Warm summer weather, cookouts with friends and family, and fireworks all make the day memorable. With a few simple decorations and picnic friendly food, you can organize your own Fourth of July celebration to commemorate this patriotic holiday.
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How to Help Your Child Deal with Cliques
Expert Reviewed If your child needs help dealing with a clique, you should get more information from teachers and encourage your child to talk to you and other authority figures. Equip your child with conflict resolution and anger management techniques. Organize a conflict mediation session that includes parents, teachers, and other stakeholders if necessary. Your child might also need
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