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How to Create a Twitter Moment
Moments are collections of stories showcasing the best of what’s happening on Twitter. It's easy to create a Twitter Moment. Once you create a Moment, other Twitter users can see it on your profile.
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How to Pay Attention in a Dull Class
Dull or boring classes can be a challenge to endure, especially if you’re trying to earn a top grade. Every student experiences a dull class once in awhile, but the good news is that there are easy ways to keep yourself engaged while avoiding distractions. Coming to class prepared, striving to participate, and removing distractions like your cell phone and snacks are all strategies you
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How to Find Popular Videos on YouTube
Do you want to find what's popular on YouTube? You can view popular videos based on different countries without using any special tools on YouTube.
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How to Prepare For a School Picture
It’s normal to feel a little nervous about taking your school picture. You might feel pressure to look perfect or you may have had a bad previous experience that you don’t want to repeat. Fortunately, if you spruce up your appearance, work on being photogenic, and practice good hygiene, you’ll be prepared to take a great school picture.
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How to Drink Noni Juice
Noni, also known as cheese fruit or morinda, has been used for thousands of years in the Pacific to treat health problems. Noni advocates claim that the juice treats problems ranging from low energy to cancer. Making juice at home is done simply by blending noni fruit and straining out the seeds. You can also buy it premade or as an extract. Since noni is an unproven herbal medicine,
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