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How to Create a Portfolio for Acting
If you’d like to work professionally as an actor, you’ll need to make a portfolio. This portfolio functions as a document that you can distribute to casting director at or before auditions. A high-quality acting portfolio makes you appear professional and hirable, and should emphasize your acting experience and talents. You’ll need to include a professional headshot, an acting resume,
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How to Interpret Autistic Body Language
"Autistic body language" is somewhat of a misnomer—every autistic person is unique, so it is difficult to make generalizations about autistic people as a whole. This article discusses common patterns and misconceptions. When applying this information, be sure to consider your autistic loved one as an individual, and remember that each step won't apply to each person.
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How to Get Discovered As an Actor
There are many ways to get discovered as an actor. Gaining substantial training as an actor and networking with television, film, and/or theater professionals can help. Additionally, take on as many roles as possible, even if they are minor or seem unimportant. Finally, work hard to improve the quality of your acting with each project you take on.
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How to Clean an Oily Nose
An oily nose can be an annoyance and also may lead to issues like acne. Luckily, there are many ways you can treat an oily nose at home. Commercial products can help reduce oil on or near your nose. Natural methods, like steam treatments, can also reduce oils. If you're worried about a reoccurrence, small adjustments to your diet and makeup routine may help.
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How to Condition Curly Hair
Expert Reviewed Taking care of your curly hair can be a challenge, especially if it gets dry or damaged! Regular conditioning treatments, natural oil remedies, and deep conditioning can help restore your curls to their natural glory and prevent further damage.
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