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How to Talk a Car Dealer Down on Price
Staff Reviewed Negotiating the price of a new or used vehicle with a car dealer has a reputation as a thoroughly unpleasant and confusing task. While it’s true that dealers may try to get more money out of you than the car is worth, you can avoid this experience by doing some research before you shop. Then, inspect the vehicle to make sure it’s in good condition and to see if there are
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6-11-2017, 18:00
How to Train to Be a Driving Instructor
Working as a driving instructor can be incredibly rewarding. If you’ve got a good driving record and are passionate about teaching others the rules of the road, then this could be the job for you! There are a few basic requirements you must meet, like having a valid driver's license license and high school level education, before you can register for a certification program. Once you've
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6-11-2017, 11:00
How to Silk Press Natural Hair
A silk press is a straightening technique that doesn't require chemicals. Deep conditioning makes the process go easier, and choosing a good quality flatiron means you can do small sections in one pass, minimizing heat damage. Because this style is done through heat instead of chemicals, maintain it by keeping it away from moisture and wrapping it up at night.
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6-11-2017, 07:00
If you want a truly luxurious soak, add bath salts the next time you run a bath. Purchase or make bath salts with your favorite type of salt. Leave the bath salts as they are or mix in colors or essential oils for fragrance. If you'd like to find more uses for your bath salts, try them in the shower or as exfoliating body scrubs. Store the bath salts in an airtight container and use
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How to Gauge Your Ears
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How to Sew Patches
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How to Cook Escarole
16-11-2017, 23:00
How to Make Corn Pudding
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