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How to Use a Shaped Cake Pan
Cake pans come in a variety of shapes, everything from animals to letters. Working with shaped pans can be an exciting challenge for any baker. To create the best shaped cake, spend some extra time greasing and flouring your pan. Adding any extra supports directly into the batter before baking will make your cake sturdier, too. When the cake is done, take care transferring it from the
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If you prefer light, fluffy cookies to flat, crisp ones, learn how to make the perfect soft cookies. Just a few simple changes to your cookie recipes will improve their texture. For example, use brown sugar, shortening, cake flour, and add an extra egg yolk. Increasing the moisture in the cookies will help them hold their shape and remain soft. For a bit more guidance, try a classic
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How to Make Classic Linguine
Classic Linguine is a super easy Italian dish to make. It takes little cooking skill to make and, in time, it only takes about 45 minutes. Being able to cook this dish is an easy way to impress others. It will also hopefully encourage you to continue cooking and advance into more complex dishes.
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How to Accept That Your Beloved Dog is Aging
Companionship with your pet can be one the most rewarding and satisfying parts of your life. This is especially true for people who live alone, at any stage in life. Regrettably, the circle of life is a reality that every pet parent must accept. To that end, making the most of the moments and years you share together will create heartfelt memories that last a lifetime.
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