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8-11-2017, 18:00
How to Make Golden Rum Cake
So, you want to bake a cake. You want something that is fairly easy to make, has a nice rich taste, and will look great. What will you do? You don't want one of those cheap store bought cakes. No, you want to try a new kind of cake. Try making this golden rum cake!
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8-11-2017, 14:00
How to Dance the Boogaloo
The boogaloo is known for its lively, captivating movements. Doing it correctly involves rolling your body to the beat of the music. Leg rolls are mixed with transitions and footwork to create a free-flowing dance routine. Master these moves and you’ll have fun ruling the dance floor.
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How to Kosher Your Kitchen
Kashering your kitchen is a necessary step for anyone wishing to follow kashrut, the body of Jewish law that explains which foods are acceptable and how to prepare them. The most important part of kashering a kitchen is keeping storage and preparation items for meat and dairy products separate. If you clean and kasher your kitchen methodically from large appliances and surfaces to small
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How to Pasteurize Juice
Pasteurizing raw juice kills harmful bacteria so it can't make you sick. Pasteurizing is a fairly simple process. You simply heat up the juice to just below boiling. Be sure to pour it into a clean container, as you'll just recontaminate if you don't. To increase the time you have to drink it, pour it into sterilized jars.
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