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How to Fix Ceiling Cracks
If a drywall ceiling in your home has developed a crack, you can fix it relatively easily. Begin by scraping away any loose paper or debris from the drywall, and then apply a single piece of mesh drywall tape over the crack. Cover the tape with 2 layers of 5-minute mud, and then sand and paint the patched crack. This project should take about 30 minutes (not including 1 hour of drying
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How to Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time
Staff Reviewed Throwing a party can be a fun way to create memories with friends and family. You may be nervous about throwing a party, as you want to be sure your guests all have a great time. To host a fun party for your guests, create a party atmosphere that is fun and welcoming. You can also encourage your guests to mingle and chat so they can connect with each other. Be sure to
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How to Feed a Snail
Snails can be great pets. They are especially great for school projects, and for teaching young children how to care for a living thing. Snails are also quite easy to feed, although there are some variations among different snail species. Whether you’ll be caring for land snails, freshwater snails, or both, you can provide a delicious diet that will nourish your pet snails.
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When LibreOffice users want to create a mail merge document (.odt) but the data source is a spreadsheet (.ods), they may need a little guidance. The secret is creating a database file (.odb) that fits in the middle.This process may work for OpenOffice users as well.
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How to Create Fictional Characters Using Pinterest
Developing a character (whether it is for a book or any other project) can be stressful at times. You never know where to begin or how to design your character. If you prefer a more visual method of character development, here is a fun little way to create fictitious characters using a colorful website called Pinterest.
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