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How to Order Contacts
There are many different ways to order contacts quickly and easily. Make an appointment with your optometrist and get your prescription. Then, decide whether to buy straight from your doctor, an optical chain, a big-box retailer, or online. Provide all of your prescription information and wait for them to verify everything. To save some money, make sure to check for rebates, discounts,
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How to Organize a Small Bathroom
With a bit of careful organizing, you can make a small bathroom feel spacious and tidy. Divide your cabinet space with storage containers and baskets. Make use of every inch of wall space by hanging floating shelves up to the ceiling and over the toilet. You can even add racks, rods, or more storage on the back of the door. Embrace creative storage options, like glass jars, for odds and
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How to Prevent Nausea
Nausea is uncomfortable and can interfere with your daily life, but it’s often possible to prevent it with some careful planning. Change your diet, so that you are eating small meals throughout the day. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of clear liquids. If you feel a wave of nausea coming on, wipe down your face with a cool cloth or lie down. If your nausea is severe, reaching out to your
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