How to Keep Your Beard in Place

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16-11-2020, 23:10
Growing a beard is a popular style choice right now for millions of men. However, even a small beard can get wild and look unkempt without the proper care. If you can’t seem to tame your beard, don’t worry! There are lots of simple ways to bring frizzing under control and keep your beard looking crisp. Wash your beard and follow some easy style tips to keep your beard in place all day long.

Doing Basic Styling

  1. Apply beard oil every day to control frizz. A dry, depleted beard will look straggly and unkempt. Beard oil delivers important nutrients to your beard and also keeps it moisturized. Every morning, put a few drops of beard oil onto your fingers and rub it evenly onto your beard. Then pull all the hairs through your fingers gently to wipe off any excess oil.
    • There are many beard oil types. Look for ingredients like argan oil, canola oil, and flaxseed oil. These are usually best for moisturizing.
    • If you find that your beard feels too oily, then switch the oiling schedule to every other day. All beards are different and might have different needs.
  2. Comb your beard after oiling to keep it groomed. Your beard needs combing and styling just like the hair on your head. Combing your beard distributes the oils better, and it also works on its own to keep your beard well-groomed. Don’t leave home without combing your beard first.
    • Even if you don’t oil your beard, you should still comb it every day to keep it groomed.
    • It’s best to comb your beard downward, from your cheeks to your neck. This prevents it from frizzing out and looking unkempt.
  3. Use balm instead of oil for more styling. If you follow an oil routine but your beard still won’t stay under control, then you probably need balm. This works like hair gel and helps you style your beard better. Take a small amount on your fingers and rub it onto your beard evenly. Then comb or brush your beard into the style you want.
    • Most balms can be applied on wet or dry beards, but check the instructions on the product you use to make sure.
    • You can use oil and balm at the same time, but be careful not to use too much. If your beard feels too oily or sticky, then space out your oil and balm treatments. Try oiling at night and using balm in the morning before work, for example.
  4. Avoid touching your beard throughout the day. Touching your beard can do 2 things. First, it can ruin the styling that you did earlier in the day. Second, it transfers oils and dirt onto your beard, which can make it frizzy and unkempt. Do your best to stop yourself from touching or pulling at your beard throughout the day.
    • Keep a beard comb with you for last-minute touchups. You never know when you might need to fix your beard, especially if you accidentally touch it. This is an especially good idea on hot or humid days when your beard might frizz.

Keeping Your Beard Clean

  1. Shampoo your beard 2-3 times per week. Just like the hair on your head, your beard needs to be clean to look its best. Use a beard shampoo 2-3 times per week to clean off any oils, dirt, and bacteria that’s built-up in your beard. Either wash your beard when you take a shower, or wash off in the sink. Make sure you rinse all of the shampoo out so soap scum doesn’t build up.
    • If you shampoo your beard every day, then your beard may look unkempt because it’s too dry. It needs some oils to stay in shape.
    • Head shampoo will keep your beard clean, but it's not great for the beard's appearance. It could cause dryness, making your beard more straggly. Also, if you have sensitive skin, then regular shampoo could dry out your face. It's best to use specialized beard shampoo.
  2. Apply conditioner every time you wash your beard. Beard conditioner delivers nutrients and protects your beard from damage. After you shampoo, massage some conditioner evenly into your beard and let it sit for a minute. Then rinse it all off.
    • There are specialized beard conditioners, or you can also use hair conditioner on your beard as well.
    • As an added bonus, conditioning makes beards softer too. This means your beard will be less itchy and scratchy.
  3. Blow-dry your beard on a low heat setting. While blow-drying isn’t a requirement, it can help you style your beard better. Turn the blow-dryer onto its lowest setting and hold it about 5 in (13 cm) from your face. Angle it downward and brush your beard while you’re drying it to shape it into the style you want.
    • Comb or brush your beard in the same direction that you’re pointing the blow-dryer. This will keep your hair straight and consistent.

Trimming Your Beard Properly

  1. Trim your beard every 7-10 days so it doesn’t look unkempt. Even if you’re trying to grow a long beard, regular trimming is important to keep it under control. Use a pair of clippers with a guard and trim around your beard evenly. This removes split ends and keeps your beard looking well-groomed.
    • Wash your beard before trimming for the best results.
    • Make sure the clipper set you use has guards. Otherwise, you could make a mistake and take off too much hair.
    • You could also use a pair of scissors if your beard is long enough. This will take longer, but you're less likely to take off too much hair if you slip.
    • Trimming your beard can be difficult if you haven’t done it before. It’s a good idea to let your barber trim it a few times in the beginning while you learn how to do it correctly.
  2. Cut defined borders around your beard. An uneven border around your beard looks unkempt and bushy. Shave your cheeks and neck right up to your beard to eliminate any overgrowth. This gives your beard a much crisper appearance.
    • You can use a razor and shaving cream for this job, or an electric trimmer.
    • Some men prefer their beard to look bushier. In this case, you can skip this step and let your beard overgrow a little.
  3. Shave a curve into your beard under your chin. If you have a longer beard, then it can bunch up on your neck and look wild. When you trim your beard, shave a curve just above your Adam's apple like you have an upside-down U under your chin. This prevents your beard from bunching up.
    • This can be tough to get right since you can’t really see under your chin, even if you use a mirror. If you aren’t sure how to do it right, let your barber curve your beard.
  4. Snip off any straggling hairs with scissors. Mustache scissors are great for minor touch-ups. Inspect your beard after you trim it and look for any straggling hairs. Snip them off to keep your beard looking fresh.
    • Look especially around your mustache area. Remember to keep that trimmed and groomed just like the rest of your beard.
    • Remember to only use scissors for touch-ups like this. If you cut off too much hair you could ruin your beard.


  • If you’re just starting to grow a beard, be very careful trimming or shaving around your beard or you could ruin it. Visit a barber for professional styling until you get good at it yourself.
  • Your barber can also give you recommendations on good styling products for your beard.
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