How to Clean Birkenstocks

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17-11-2020, 08:00
Birkenstocks are a famous footwear company that is well known for their leather, cork sole sandals and clogs. As with any shoe, Birkenstocks will need to be cleaned occasionally to maintain their appearance. There are four main types of Birkenstock shoes, each of which needs to be cleaned in a different manner. It is important to know which type of shoe you are cleaning.

Cleaning Suede Birkenstocks

  1. Clear any debris. Brush the suede shoes with a suede brush to clean off any excess dirt. A suede brush may also help remove excess dirt that remains on the soles of the shoes.
  2. Use a cleaner. Rub a small, dime sized amount of leather cleaner onto a clean, soft cloth. Gently rub the cleaner onto the shoe. Apply a thin coat of cleaner onto areas of the suede that show stains. Do not saturate the suede with the cleaning solution.
    • You can find decent leather cleaners at most stores that sell shoes or specialize in leather care.
  3. Let the shoes dry. Allow the shoes to dry completely after applying the leather cleaner. Once dried, brush the shoes again using the suede brush. This will help restore the look of the suede.

Cleaning Leather Birkenstocks

  1. Prepare your cloth. Place a quarter sized dollop of leather cleaner onto a clean, soft cloth. You will use the cloth to apply leather cleaner over the entirety of the shoe’s leather. Use enough cleaner to allow the cleaner to sink into the leather.
    • You can also use a combination of water and saddle salt. The important part about the cleaner is to make sure the leather doesn’t get too wet.
  2. Remove any scuffs. Use either water and saddle salt or your commercial leather cleaner to remove scuffs. The trick is not letting the leather become too wet.
    • Remove salt stains by mixing equal parts of water and white distilled vinegar. Blot the solution with a cloth over the entire surface. Repeat this until the salt stains are gone.
  3. Scrub the shoes. Spend some time scrubbing the entire surface with the leather cleaner.
    • Use another clean soft cloth to buff the shoe.
  4. Let the shoes dry. Allow your shoes to dry completely overnight prior to wearing. Never place leather shoes in direct sunlight to dry.
  5. Polish your shoes. Lay out newspaper on the area before beginning to polish. Place the polish on a cloth and polish the shoes in a circular motion. Once you’ve covered the shoe in polish, use a new cloth to remove the polish in a circular motion.
  6. Let the shoes dry. Allow shoes to dry completely overnight prior to wearing. Never place leather shoes in direct sunlight to dry.
  7. Buff the shoes. Using a cloth, buff your shoes in a circular direction. For shiny leather, add a few drops of water to your cloth before buffing.
    • Apply a leather conditioner to your shoes at least once every two years to prevent them from drying out.

Cleaning Synthetic Birkenstocks

  1. Treat synthetic Birkenstocks a bit differently than others. Not all Birkenstocks are made out of leather and suede. Birkenstocks often launches different shoes made of synthetic materials that aren't leather. This would include EVA Malibu, Waikiki sandals, or any other shoe made with polyurethane. The cleaning process is simple for this material.
  2. Remove any dirt. Before cleaning with water or soap, you should remove any dirt that can be scrubbed off. Use a stiff bristle brush to remove any excess dirt from the shoe.
  3. Wash the shoes. You might be able to remove all marks off of the shoes with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains add a small drop of fragrance-free soap. Rub cloth and soap onto any stains on the shoe.
  4. Allow shoes to dry. Lay the shoes out in a dry area, away from any direct sunlight. Let them dry completely prior to wearing or else the shoes might become disfigured.

Caring for the Sole

  1. Learn to clean the footbed. Birkenstocks are made to last. A clean sole is crucial for retaining a pair of Birkenstocks for many years. This part of the shoe becomes the smelliest the quickest. Each pair of Birkenstocks use the same type of sole, so you can clean them the same way.
  2. Treat the soles regularly. The easiest way to discolor the footbed of your Birkenstocks is with dirt and grass. Wash the footbed every three weeks with a damp cloth. Let them dry overnight.
    • If you get them muddy, treat them that night with a damp cloth. Don't over saturate the footbed.
  3. Clean them with a home remedy. You can create a great cleaner for the sole's of your Birkenstocks by using baking soda and water. Combine two tablespoons of water with one tablespoon of baking soda. The aftermath should be a paste consistency. Add more baking soda if it is too watery.
    • Gently scrub the paste onto the footbed using an old toothbrush. Scrub in a circular motion and wash off with a damp washcloth.
    • Allow your shoes to dry before attempting to clean them further. Always avoid direct sunlight for drying purposes.


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