How to Search for Users on Twitter

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1-10-2016, 14:50
When you join Twitter, it's just a blank page with no people to follow or talk to. But once you find your friends and other people it becomes a huge network. Now how do you find users on Twitter? They might be your friends or some popular people you have been looking for on Twitter. This article will help you find users on Twitter.

Basic Twitter Search

  1. Since you are a user of Twitter, you should know how to search people through it.
  2. Go to #Discover on the top bar of twitter. Click on "who to follow". Now either browse the suggestions or if you already have something in your mind then search for it.
  3. Go to #Discover and click "find friends". Search and browse the results.
  4. You can narrow down search results by going for the specialty of the user. To do this click "Browse categories" under #Discover and choose particular category to search for people from the respective fields.

Advanced Twitter Search

  1. Go to your home page on Twitter. Click on change option for trends and set it to your default location.
  2. Now go here [1] to search for users around your location.
  3. To have access to advanced Twitter search go here [2] .This feature will help you search almost anyone on twitter.
    • If you are not satisfied with Twitter search engines then you can try the following external sites:

  1. Go to and fill up the required details as you want and click search.
  2. Browse the results. To enhance the process of searching, sign in with your Twitter account.

  1. One of the greatest sites for searching users wherein the users are categorized under respective registrations and makes it easier to search for users.
  2. Go to [3] and search for whomever you want, by typing there name and browsing the respective categorized users.Here users are already refined by categories and sub-categories.
  3. It basically lists out people's location, nickname and the number of followers. (closed)

  1. If you are searching for famous people around the world then this is the site for you.Here users are tagged under various specialties and makes it easier for people to search for there favorite people on twitter.
  2. Go to [4] and add the tag you want and browse for your favorite star on twitter.


  • Always be specific when searching for a user on Twitter search engines.
  • Twitter's advanced search is the best option when it comes to finding people around you.
  • Stay signed in when searching on external search sites to enhance the process.


  • Some of the external sites might go down so stick with Twitter search engines to avoid any frustration later.
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