How to Take off Your Bra Without Taking off Your Shirt

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21-11-2020, 18:00
Sometimes there are just situations where you aren't comfortable or it isn't appropriate to take off your shirt and you need to take off your bra. This could be at a sleepover and you want to take off your bra to go to sleep or you need to take it off to get comfortable for a movie night. Whatever the reason, here is an easy trick to getting your bra off without taking off your shirt!


  1. Determine where your bra hooks. Does it hook in the front or the back? In this example, the bra hooks in the front.
  2. Unhook your bra. You can do this over your shirt, or if you feel comfortable, put your hands in your shirt and do it.
  3. Slip the straps off your shoulders and arms.
  4. Take one strap and pull the bra out of your shirt. Slip it through the back of your shirt if the bra hooks in front. If it hooks in the back, slip it through the front.
  5. Place your bra where desired.


  • Alternatively, if you are wearing a sports bra, then it's a bit trickier. Slip both arms out of the straps and then pull it off from under your shirt. You will have to stretch your bra out a bit to get it over your hips.
  • For sports bras, slip your arms under your bra so that it is around your neck and reach into the top of your shirt and pull it over your head.
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