How to Decorate A Laundry Room

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21-11-2020, 22:00
Depending on how you arrange it, your laundry room can be a work space devoid of personality or it can be a haven of inspiration. Since you will be spending a bit of time there, it is important that you make it as comfortable and representative of you as possible. This can be tough to accomplish if you have a smaller area to work with, but by utilizing your space effectively, adding personal touches, and implementing stylish details that consider your comforts, your laundry space can be warm, effective, and efficient.

Organizing Your Space

  1. Group cleaning supplies together. Separate your must-have cleaning items into different types, like pre-wash or treatment items, stain-removing items, and post-wash items. Organize them in their own containers for quick access and to prevent damage if something leaks out.
  2. Transfer bulk items to manageable sizes. Buying in bulk can ease the financial strain associated with your chores, so divide dry items into smaller, refillable containers. They have a better appearance, and you will know when it’s time to replace them.
  3. Use laundry baskets to separate clothes. Store these in open spaces to allow the laundry to breathe. This will keep your laundry from mildew and other odors. Line your baskets with cloth bags that you can occasionally wash so they can stay fresh.
  4. Label everything. The best way to access what you need is to know what you are looking at. Even if you know what something is by looking at it, your brain still takes a moment to register it, or you might be distracted. Save your brain for thinking matters, like how to remove specific stains.
    • Label your cleaning supplies with the same symbols that you find on clothing tags for easier reference.
    • Use small chalkboard labels for containers that house a hodgepodge of rotating items.
  5. Place a bowl or jar near the washer. Change and other small knick-knacks can collect in pants pockets, and having a small pile of junk can throw off a perfectly organized shelf. A vintage jar can add a nice minor source of inspiration and collect that wayward shrapnel.
  6. Build up. If you have the resources to create custom cabinetry, mix up drawers and shelves so you can store a larger number of items. If you don’t have those resources, search out shelves that you can build up to maximize your walking space.
    • Shelves can also be installed from above, which keeps the floor open and doubles as an area to hang dry.
  7. Put your ironing board away. The ironing board is a hefty item that can easily take up space. Luckily, it can fit easily in narrow nooks behind your appliances. Alternatively, hang it up. Whichever you decide, keep your iron and a bottle of distilled water in the same area.

Adding Fun Touches

  1. Paint one or more walls. An accent wall used effectively will make your room feel bigger. For a fun touch, avoid traditional colors in favor of pastel shades or bright, energetic hues. Greens and blues, for instance, tend to be more soothing. Don’t rule out painting the ceiling a light color if you are looking to make the room feel airier and open.
  2. Accessorize the wall. Round mirrors help create a bigger effect in a small room. If possible, try to leave up to 9 inches of empty space on each side so that the wall also stays open. Consider using a functional accessory like a cork board to rotate children’s art as well as to store quick reference guides for stains.
  3. Add music. Folding laundry can be very time consuming, and music can be a welcome distraction. Consider incorporating a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker so you can stream podcasts or books on tape, as well.
  4. Spread soft, thick rugs around. Standing in one space while treating multiple garments or folding a family-sized load of laundry can put strain on your feet and back. Find a nice-looking, comfortable rug or mat to use for these projects. If it will be a permanent fixture, find one that is water-resistant.
  5. Add tools to repair clothes. Keep thread, needles, sewing scissors, a tape measure, and other mending supplies nearby. Make a sewing machine accessible to quickly repair a seam or hem pants.
  6. Provide a space to hang clothes. For clothes that must hang dry or that wrinkle easily, you will want to have a space to hang them. Most laundry rooms have a small closet, but if they don’t, narrow drying racks can usually fit into tight spaces.
    • Hang on to plastic hangers, but return clunky wire hangers to the cleaner.
    • If you're short on space, you can make a drying rack that folds out of the wall.
  7. Decorate your ironing board if it stays visible. If your ironing board hangs in view, give it a nice new cover. This is a simple way to add a pattern or another pop of color that complements the rest of your color theme.


  • Almost everything should have a purpose, especially if you don't have a lot of extra space.
  • If you’re renting and can’t alter walls, use washi tape or removable wallpaper sparingly to add texture to sections of a wall.
  • Use low shelves for your most-used items for easy access.
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