How to Put a Babysitting Charge to Sleep

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24-09-2016, 15:50
Every babysitter's nightmare is to put a kid to sleep! And when the parents pay you at the end of the night, you leave feeling ripped off, like you've endured more than the money is worth. But don't worry, this routine will make bedtime easier on both the child and yourself.


  1. Stop all active and outdoors activities an hour before bedtime. This gives the child enough time to calm down. Plan for bedtime to be about 10 minutes earlier than the parents said.
  2. Have the child do a few calming activities, such as reading (or if he/she can't read, you read to them) or listening to soft music. Especially if the kid is three or younger, they will probably just crash once a calming activity is done. With the older kids, however, you may have to take a bit of time to slowly coax them to sleep.
  3. Get the child's pajamas on or have them do so twenty or thirty minutes before bed. Have them take a shower if they were playing outside, or if the parents have specifically asked them to.
  4. If their parents don't mind, or haven't instructed you not to, allow the child to have a small, non-sugar snack.Keep the snack small, it’s just something so that the child won't come complaining of hunger to you later. Don't turn on the TV or a movie; this will only make it harder to get them up to bed.
  5. Take the child upstairs. Have them climb into bed under the covers so they are ready to sleep. Then, read him/her stories, keeping your tone with the story. (If Mr. Bear is angry, use a real or fake angry voice.)
  6. Quietly put the books away, and say goodnight to the child. Make sure that any lights that need to be on are on, and all closets and beds are check for monsters if that is part of the child's normal routine. Reassure them that their parents will be home soon, and that they need to sleep now. Be calm and collective, and don't shout.
  7. Once the child is in bed falling asleep, don't make lots of noise. Keep the volume down on the TV or music, and don't walk around everywhere. This could make the child suspicious or scared. The parents are paying you to care as best you can for their child, so please do!


  • Don't treat the child like they aren't equal with you. If you are kind to them, they will be kind back.
  • Don't say "Do you want to get ready for bed?" because if you ask them they can instantly say no. Instead, slowly get them ready without them knowing. For example, if they want to read a book, or play a game before bed (make sure its not a game that requires the kids to run and get hyper) then just say "ok, but you get into your pyjamas, then we'll play". And go on with teeth brushing and, if told so by the parent, a bath too.
  • Bring your own picture books to read to the child. An old book of yours will be like a brand new one for them.
  • If the child is afraid of the dark, try this tip: fill a spray bottle with water, and label it "Monster-Be-Gone Spray" or something along those lines. Tell the child that it's a special spray to keep monsters away, and spray it under the bed/in the closet/by the door. It will comfort them, and they will see you as helpful and brave.
  • It may be a good idea to put together a "fun pack." This would be made up of anything that you think would be good and make the child sleepy (books etc).
  • If you're afraid that the child(ren) will treat bedtime like a game, make it one. 1-2 hours before their bedtime have them put their pajamas on, make a good snack, such as popcorn, and turn on an appropriate movie. Make sure you know how long the movie is, and start it at the right time so that it will end before/ around their bedtime. Since many young children will not leave in the middle of a show to go to bed, this could cause problems.


  • Don't yell at, or threaten, a child. This will make them upset and they'll have bad thoughts about you. They will not be telling their parents nice things about you the next day. Appropriate punishment (e.g. time-outs, no stories/movies etc.) should only be used when a child is misbehaving.
  • Make sure the child knows that their parents gave them the bedtime you're enforcing. When the parents tell you, make sure their child is listening too. This is usually only a problem with older kids.
  • Don't give the child any reason to leave bed. If you tell them "If you're not tired, just come see me" they will come see you, tired or not.

Things You'll Need

  • Storybooks (optional)
  • Movie (Age-appropriate)
  • Pajamas
  • Toiletries
  • Night-Light
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