How to Cut Bias Strips

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29-11-2020, 01:20
Cutting and sewing "on the bias" means the fabric is cut against the natural grain. "Fabric grain" is the direction in which the woven threads run. The threads that run the length of the fabric are on the lengthwise grain and the threads that run diagonally are on the crosswise grain. Learn how to cut bias strips.


  1. Spread your fabric on a hard surface, such as a table or gridded cutting board.
    • The short edges of the fabric should be oriented to your left and right sides.
    • You should have one long fabric edge immediately in front of you with the second long fabric edge pointed away from you.
  2. Pick up the lower right edge of fabric and place it flush with the upper edge.
    • The right edge and top of fabric should form a point as you fold the fabric at a 45 degree angle.
  3. Bring the top point (on your right side) down so the length of fabric looks like a pirate hat.
    • The top right corner should meet at the 45 degree corner at the lower-left edge, in the middle.
  4. Pick up the top right angled edge, folding the fabric below the top left edge.
    • The top right angled edge will be close to, but not on, the lower edge of fabric.
  5. Rotate the fabric counter-clockwise 45 degrees.
    • After rotating the fabric, the folded edge should be on your right side.
  6. Cut off a strip of fabric 1/4 inch (.635 cm) to eliminate the fold on the right.
    • If you have folded your fabric correctly, this cut sliver should come off in 1 long piece.
  7. Turn the fabric all the way around so the cut edge is now on your left side.
  8. Line your ruler so a ruler marking lines up with the cut edge of fabric.
  9. Cut the fabric, using the edge of a ruler as a guide.
    • As you cut off strips, line the new left edge of fabric with the mark you chose on the ruler.
    • Using the same marking on your ruler ensures your strips of fabric are all the same width.
  10. Finished.


  • Trim the edges on each strip of fabric to make sure they have the same shape.
  • Practice cutting bias strips with a sheet of notebook paper on which you have drawn lines with a marker. Draw several vertical lines to represent the grain of the fabric.
  • Make sure the left (cut) edge and bottom edge are lining up with the markings on the ruler as you align your ruler with the cut edges of fabric.
  • Some cut strips of fabric will be shorter than others.

Things You'll Need

  • Sheet of notebook paper
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Rectangular strip of fabric
  • Rotary cutter
  • Clear wide ruler
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