How to Get Over Your Fear of Money

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2-12-2020, 13:40
It may be hard for some to believe that others can have a fear of money (Chrometophobia), but you can. You can be afraid you are going to make mistakes, or you can experience great anxiety at contemplating the spending of it, but this article hopes to be able to help you with that.


  1. Learn what it is. Know what the sources are and the expenditures that you make with it. Educate yourself about your money.
  2. Know that everyone has their times when they are anxious about their money. Your issue is that you didn't get over it, but it happens to everyone.
  3. Understand that it is vital you confront your fears in regards to money. Hiding your head in the sand can cost you more than money when it comes to your money. It can eventually effect your credit score (USA), which impacts your career, your ability to purchase big ticket items, etc.
  4. Create a budget. Know exactly where your money is going out and coming in. There are many ways to create a budget; with spreadsheets, pen and paper, online tools, etc.
  5. Talk to someone about it. If you find yourself not able to get past it, talk to someone.
  6. Make your budget your way of life. You have to constantly come to terms with how you feel about money.
  7. Change your budget as needed. As things change, you should make sure your budget matches it.
  8. Don't make a lot of major financial changes all at once. Do one, then several months later, make another changes. For example, don't buy a car and a house in a couple of months. The financial dust has not settled from one before you are trying to do something big.
  9. Talk with friends and acquaintances about things you are planning to do or about how you feel about the money. Once you have begun to confront your fears and begin dealing with it, you will start feeling better.
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