How to Be ENTP

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2-10-2016, 06:45
Those with the personality type ENTP are known for their extroversion, intuition, thinking, and perception. If you have this personality type, there are a few things to keep in mind. Be aware - this is NOT how to change your personality type, and attempting to emulate another of the 16 types when you are not is likely to make you extremely unhappy and mentally unwell.


  1. Always keep inventing and creating. If you are ENTP, then you most likely are known by your friends to be filled with information and ideas. Channel this into useful purposes, and do not always start with blueprints and plans. ENTP people mostly come up with these as they go along, but as a warning, this trait can easily backfire.
  2. Avoid socially isolating yourself. ENTP people often have witty senses of humour and are avid debaters. They will suffer if not around other people, because they thrive in large social environments.
  3. Chose how much you wish to embrace the SI cognitive function. A cognitive function is a part of the hierarchy of the personality system, and the SI function keeps the ENTP person together. All ENTP people have a dislike for rules and for organized society, but being a complete nonconformist will not work. You must choose a sensible boundary between being absolutely submissive to authoritarians and being a rebel.
  4. Never give up. True ENTPs regard "that can't be done" as a personal challenge to succeed. All ENTP people have an animus that drives them on even in the face of great problems.
  5. You must always remember to work hard. ENTP people account for only 2-5% of the population; if you are one, you are likely to achieve great things. The problem, unfortunately, is that many ENTP people, despite being pragmatists, are easily distracted and not hard working. This is something that is difficult to get past, but the more that you force yourself to work without distractions nearby, the better chance you will have of success.
  6. Do not become too judgmental. Because of the ENTP's skill in many types of analysis, they often see things in social relationships that are ignored by everyone else. You must keep in mind, however, that all motives, even if you have good intuition, are not what they seem.
  7. Be proud of who you are. Many great people such as Nicola Tesla, Walt Disney, and Thomas Edison were ENTPs. Your gregariousness combined with your intellect makes you a likely candidate to succeed in life!


  • Attempt to understand the feelings and emotions of others. If you choose to embrace your pragmatic side too much, you can easily become an aloof and removed ENTP, which is a bad idea.
  • Write your current aims down and pot on a prominent place. ENTPs need to be reminded hourly. Also, a colour coded calendar works wonders. Stick with these things. <<< These are more J traits who love tick boxes and lists (As a P myself a calendar is there out of necessity - and we don't need hourly reminders we simply need to see value in what is a priority to us so Sticky notes are our friends).
  • Be organized, but not too much so. You may notice that you are not an organized person, and you may also want to fix this. Beware with trying. Most ENTPs will never be organized, no matter how hard they try, but this does not stop them from accomplishing what they need to, because they have intellect to compensate for lack of organization. <<< We are organised - just it doesn't look like it to anybody else, and we can find other people's things faster than they themselves - it just looks like a mess to you. All hail the abstract thinker.
  • Try to remember that you live in this world, so you should try bringing your ideas there. Otherwise, you can easily be an ENTP that dislikes the real world due to the world giving a handicap on creative people bringing ideas out. <<< You need to guage whether or not the people you are with actually want help first or simply want to sit there and complain. There is no point in wasting your valuable ideas and taking control over a group that ultimately didn't want help in the first place. We are big picture thinkers ready to lead a revolution, set it up and then find everyone is at home watching TV...


  • If you are a parent with an ENTP child, be patient. At a young age, ENTP people are less than docile, with a desire to avoid or reject rules. This is due to the fact that ENTPs do not understand why they should have to obey rules. You can still be firm, but take comfort in knowing that they will mellow with age.
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