How to Develop 5 Questions to Ask a Girl on a First Date

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2-10-2016, 10:45
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You did well when she accepted the date and agreed to go out with you. Now you must prepare yourself for the evening to come. To avoid uncomfortable pauses in conversation you better be prepared with a short list of questions she is willing and eager to answer.


  1. These questions must be directed at her personal life, but put in a way that is not intimidating to her. Use these 5 questions to ask a girl on a first date to open the evening and you will find her ready and willing to respond.
    1. Ask her about her family life. Does she have a brother? If so, what's he like? Is he into sports, cars? Most girls adore their brothers, especially younger ones. If you can identify with her sibling you will do well.
    2. Ask her about her job or education. Be careful not to express a need for either. She may have had reasons for not continuing her education or for having a stable career. Let her express herself and you gauge the desire to continue with the conversation topic or move on.
    3. Ask her about her hobbies. This is always a good way to find out what she is really into. Most people glow about their hobbies because it is what they LIKE to do. When you identify her likes, continue with that topic for awhile and ask continuation questions. IE: If she likes cars, ask her what kind, what size motor, what color?
    4. Always the safe question and maybe the most important is "What's your favorite movie?" This will tell you where her heart is. If she likes action and adventure, she will take risks, and maybe with you. If she likes romantic movies, great. Become the romantic dinner date and humorously offer to kiss her hand.
    5. Ask her if she likes to travel and if she does, ask what places would she like to see. Maybe you have traveled and can offer some tips to her about that place.
  2. Just remember, be prepared. If you do not prepare yourself with a list of non evasive questions, chances are your date will take a turn for the worse. Being prepared with these 5 questions to ask a girl on a first date will get you headed in the right direction.


  • Always carry a bottle of mouth spray if needed. Use it after having your meal.
  • Be confident and dress casually.
  • Hold your tongue. You might want to tell her everything about yourself, but just hold them for the time being.
  • Smile, smile, smile. Try to speak in front of the mirror first if you think it's necessary.
  • If you want to possibly avoid any awkward pauses while you are trying to think of questions to ask, you can always do a back-and-forth questioning. One person asks a question and then the other person asks a question and so forth.
This also helps keep both parties engaged and makes a reason for any long pauses between asking questions.
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