How to Clean Carpet Stains

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7-12-2020, 09:20
Nothing ruins a party or quality time with kids and pets like a fresh stain on the carpet. Whether it's a spilled drink or a bathroom accident, you will notice that anything staining your carpet tends to linger visually and might even have an odor. Immediate treatment with a specially-formulated carpet solution is the best way to clean carpet stains. However, you can efficiently and quickly remove a variety of stains with other products like white vinegar, baking soda, and even regular soap.

Removing Carpet Stains with Carpet Cleaner

  1. Remove as much dirt, debris or liquid from the carpet as possible. Before applying any stain remover, clean up any solid material that is over the stain. This prevents you from pressing any dirt further into the carpet fibers.
    • Vacuum up dry, crumbly material. Scrape anything sticky off the carpet with a Popsicle stick or butter knife. Soak up excess liquid with a paper towel.
  2. Blot the affected area. Before applying the remover, blot the stain with a dry, or lightly damp rag or cloth, working from the outside in. Don’t scrub the stain as scrubbing can press the stain further into your carpet or rug, whereas blotting will help to lift the stain out.
    • Use a white cloth or paper towel without any designs or ink printing. Any color on your rag or paper towel can rub off and further stain your carpet.
  3. Apply a carpet stain removal solution to the stained area. Spray the stain with your solution, but don’t drown the stain. You want to allow the solution to work into the carpet without ruining it.
    • Buy cleaning solutions in the cleaning sections of most stores. Most stores have a variety of products, some of which are tailored to specific stains. Check the SDS label on the cleaner to see if it will work effectively on your carpet.
    • Avoid using any stain removing cleaners that contain bleach unless you have a pure white carpet.
  4. Allow the solution to soak into the stain for 10 minutes, or whatever amount of time is recommended on the bottle of your store bought solution.
    • Keep children and pets away from carpeted areas topped with store-bought solution, as the chemicals can be bad if inhaled or ingested.
  5. Blot the stained area with a paper towel, rag or special carpet-cleaning tool. The stain should blot away. If you can still see it, apply the solution again and continue blotting once it has soaked for the recommended amount of time.
    • Keep a dry cloth or rag nearby if you have to keep applying solution to the stain. Frequently blot the area with your dry cloth to prevent the carpet from getting soaked.
  6. Dab a washcloth in distilled water and blot over the freshly-cleaned area to rinse off any remnants of cleaning solution. Blot the area dry with a clean paper towel or washcloth to dry the carpet.
    • Dab and blot the stained area to lift the stain. You don’t want to rub the area as that may soak the stain into the fibers of the carpet.
    • Mix in 1 teaspoon (4.9 ml) of white vinegar to your water if the stain is proving tough to remove.
  7. Vacuum the area. Quickly go over the area with a vacuum to straighten the carpet back up and to prevent any part of the stain still remaining deep in the carpet from rising up to view.

Remove Carpet Stains with Homemade Stain Removers

  1. Blot the stain. With a dry or slightly damp rag or paper towel, blot your stain as soon as possible. Work from the outside of the stain in.
    • Make sure that you have a white rag or paper towel that doesn’t have any printing on it. Any color on your rag or paper towel could rub off and get into your carpet.
    • Use lukewarm water to blot the stain if you dampen your rag. Warmer water will be more effective for dissolving materials.
  2. Mix your ingredients. You can make an effective stain-fighting solution with many products that may already be in your home to clean your carpet. Items like baking soda, white vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide all contain chemicals to fight stains.
    • Either use an empty spray bottle, or mix in a large bowl that you can dip your cloth in.
  3. Mix baking soda and white vinegar. Add equal parts of baking soda and white vinegar, about ¼ teaspoon of each for every 1 cup (240 ml) of water. Stir thoroughly, or pour into a spray bottle and shake.
    • Use warm water. Warm water will help the baking soda and vinegar to dissolve faster.
    • Add a drop or two of lemon essential oil to add a nice smell.
    • This mixture is great for everything from chocolate stains to urine.
    • Baking soda can also help eliminate odors leftover from the stain.
  4. Use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach. For tougher stains and brightening of your carpet, mix a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in with clear dish soap and warm water.
    • Add equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water.
    • You can also substitute 2-3 drops of non-bleaching laundry detergent to your solution instead of dish soap.
    • Hydrogen peroxide is especially effective against blood stains.
  5. Blot your stain with your solution. Either spray your cleaning solution onto the affected area and let it sit for 1o-15 fifteen minutes, or dip your rag into the solution and begin blotting.
    • If you are blotting with a damp cloth, have another cloth nearby which is dry. After you see the stain starting to lift, blot the stain with your dry cloth or rag so the carpet doesn’t get too wet.
    • Once your stain is lifted, you can vacuum the area to further clean and lift the carpet fibers. Pour some baking soda or powdered carpet cleaner down for further cleaning before vacuuming.


  • Treat carpet stains as quickly as possible. The longer they are allowed to soak into the carpet, the more difficult a stain will be to remove.
  • If you have a toothpaste stain on your carpet, you can easily remove it by using a liquid detergent and water solution.
  • If you have a shop vacuum (wet/dry vacuum), rinse the treated area with water and use it to suction out the water and stain. This is often faster and more effective than repeated blotting.
  • Always follow the instructions on an any cleaning solution, and keep away from pets and children.
  • You can use club soda on wine stains and urine stains to help lift the stain as well.
  • Use warm water.
  • Call a professional cleaning service if you don't feel comfortable working on your carpet or if you can't get the stain out.


  • Do not scrub your solution into the stain. The solution works by lifting the stain up to the surface of the carpet where it can be blotted. If you scrub, you are pushing the stain back down into the carpet instead of removing it.
  • Some stains cannot be removed no matter how hard you work on them, or what kind of solution you use. The only other options you have with permanent staining is to replace the carpet or temporarily cover the stain with furniture or a throw rug.
  • Do not use a circular motion to remove the spot as this may destroy the texture.
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