How to Beat Lou in Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

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2-10-2016, 11:55
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You're so close to beat this difficulty! And then you're sad that you can't beat that last battle. Lou! This is right article that how to win him and you're happy.


  1. Beat all or at least 3 other songs in this tier.
  2. After you beat them, read this!
  3. You get your first attack in about 1:30 into the song. (If you get the attack Broken String or Whammy, you can proceed to step four. If not, skip to step five)
  4. Once your solo is finished, he'll have a constant strumming of green notes. Use the Broken String and, if you get lucky, his green string will be broken, enabling instant victory on your part. If you use the whammy, you win instantly.
  5. After you get 3 attacks, attack them all to him! Or two! Best attacks are: Double notes, Difficulty up and Whammy, expect in expert which have: Double notes, Broken String and Whammy.
  6. If you get these attacks throw first two attacks, but save whammy. When Lou have lots notes, use whammy.
  7. If you beat him you see: "Now finish him!" You go to the "Victory solo" and after that you beat him and you are ROCK LEGEND!
  8. If you didn't beat him before this song end you go to victory solo. "It is will make this battle much easier to win!"


  • Practice makes perfect!
  • You can win the "Victory Solo" in Easy almost Automatically, because you can't fail, unless you have bad rock meter.
  • Lou shouldn't able a three notes attacks, but...
  • Always use 3 attacks!
  • If you win Lou before the song ends Lou just watch that you play it.


  • ...Unlike, Slash and Tom Morello, Lou doesn't fail easily.
  • If Lou's first attack is: Lefty Flip, Whammy or Broken String, start over (unless you think that you can survive).
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