How to Tease Your Hair

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Though "big hair" is often associated with the 80s, it has enjoyed several waves of popularity throughout history—from the giant wigs of the 18th century to the towering beehives of the 1950s. Whether you want to create a luxurious, voluminous mane or just wish to add a little body to your hairstyle, teasing (a.k.a. “backcombing”) is an essential skill. Here are instructions for how to properly tease your hair.


  1. Wash, dry, and thoroughly brush your hair. Teasing wet or tangled hair increases the likelihood of tearing and damage. If possible, dry your hair while hanging your head upside-down to encourage volume in the roots.
    • Unless you're looking to create a smooth look, such as a beehive, you can also curl your hair before you start for additional style.
    • If you have silky hair that doesn't hold a curl or style well, you may want to mist your hair with some light hairspray before you begin. You can also wait 1-2 days after you washed your hair in order to build up its natural texture.
    • Brush your hair out so that natural tangles don't get caught when you are teasing your hair with a brush or comb.
  2. Take your first section of hair to tease. Separate a single section of hair from the crown of your head, moving and clipping the rest out of the way. A good size to start with would be about 2 inches (5.1 cm) wide. Smaller sections (e.g. 1 inch/2.5 cm wide) will make for stiffer volume but will also take longer.
    • Generally, it's best to start with hair towards the top of the head and work your way down.
    • If you just want to create some volume at your roots, just use the hair at the crown and at the top of your head. You don't need to move all the way down to the back of your head.
  3. Hold the section of hair up to start teasing it. Using one hand to hold it straight up, gently touch your comb or brush to the back of this section of hair. The brush should be several inches (6-9 cm) above the scalp.
  4. Tease your hair. Lightly brush downward towards the scalp while continuing to hold the hair straight up. Repeat the teasing motion until the strand has the desired volume. The curlier the hair, the less teasing will be needed. If necessary, spritz the teased section with hairspray before letting it down gently.
    • The strength with which you brush should be firm enough to create tangles that offer resistance, but not so vigorous that the hair rips or the brush itself becomes entangled.
    • Your hair will look messy, but don't fret -- you can smooth it down and style it later.
  5. Hide the teased tangles. Use your fingers to make a loose "cage" around the teased section, hiding and holding the tangles in place without flattening them. Lightly brush the un-teased section of the strand using only the tips of the brush and making sure not to touch or weigh down the teasing.
    • You are smoothing down the teased section with your fingers so that it looks more natural and less damaged while still retaining volume.
    • If you want your hair to look wild and crazy, skip this step.
  6. Put the teased strand aside carefully as you work on teasing other sections of your hair. Scrunch the hair when you're done teasing for additional volume.
    • To scrunch your hair, grab sections of it in your fingers and squeeze while pushing towards your scalp.
  7. Put your teased hair into a hairstyle. For example, put it into a half-ponytail by pushing individual strands up at the roots, twisting them, and pinning the twists against the scalp.
    • You can also use bobby pins to secure your teased hair style in place. For example, if you are creating a beehive effect, you will want to use bobby pins to anchor the beehive to your head by pinning it in the back.
  8. Smooth down your hairstyle. Gently smooth the surface of the hairstyle using a shine serum.
    • Spread the serum on the palms of your hands and run it over the hair, but don't press down or the volume will disappear.
    • This will help to compensate for the "rough" and "dull" look that teasing can create.

Teased Hairstyles To Try

  1. "Natural" big hair. Tease your hair just at the crown and the top of your head, and then smooth the hair on the top by running a brush lightly over the visible sections.
    • Spritz the hairdo with hairspray to keep your look looking fresh and voluminous. Don't use too much hairspray, though. You don't want your hair to look too stiff. /6/60/Tease Your Hair Step 9Bullet1 Version 2.360p.mp4
  2. Ponytail with a teased crown. A ponytail with a teased crown is an easy way to achieve 1960s glamour.
    • Tease at your crown and all the way down your head to the back of your head. /0/00/Tease Your Hair Step 10Bullet1 Version 2.360p.mp4
    • Smooth over the teased area and use bobby pins to secure the volume. /f/f1/Tease Your Hair Step 10Bullet2 Version 2.360p.mp4
    • Tie your hair in a loose ponytail. Remember not to pull too hard so that you don't pull down the volume at your crown. /1/1f/Tease Your Hair Step 10Bullet3 Version 2.360p.mp4
  3. Teased bun. To create an elegant updo that looks soft and full-bodied, tease your hair and put it into a bun.
    • Split your hair into two sections by creating a part in the middle of your head going from one ear to the other. /7/7a/Tease Your Hair Step 11Bullet1 Version 2.360p.mp4
    • Take the bottom section (towards the back of your head) and twist it into a loose bun. Use bobby pins to secure the ends. /d/d7/Tease Your Hair Step 11Bullet2 Version 2.360p.mp4
    • Tease the top section (closer to your crown) and spray with hairspray. Tease it to create a beehive effect. /9/97/Tease Your Hair Step 11Bullet3 Version 2.360p.mp4
    • Pin the top section down into a pouf at the top of your head. /4/40/Tease Your Hair Step 11Bullet4 Version 2.360p.mp4
    • Take loose ends from the top section and wrap it into the bun, securing with bobby pins as you go. /3/35/Tease Your Hair Step 11Bullet5 Version 2.360p.mp4
  4. Do the beehive. To create a retro beehive look, you will want to create as much volume in your crown as possible.
    • Start with mousse, preferably on your dry hair. Apply it from roots to end and dry it off using a blow dryer.
    • Start teasing using a comb or brush and work section by section along the top of your head. To get the most volume, tease smaller sections of hair (about 1 inch/2.5 cm). Avoid teasing the hair on the sides of your head. /8/80/Tease Your Hair Step 12Bullet2 Version 2.360p.mp4
    • Once your hair is teased at the crown and on top of your head, carefully smooth the top by running a comb lightly over just the top layer. /c/cd/Tease Your Hair Step 12Bullet3 Version 2.360p.mp4
    • Take the ends of your hair and twist carefully. Bring the twisted section down and secure on top of your head or towards the back of your head with bobby pins. You should still be allowing the teased section to remain like a pouf at the front of your head. /c/c5/Tease Your Hair Step 12Bullet4 Version 2.360p.mp4
    • Spritz with light hairspray. /8/8e/Tease Your Hair Step 12Bullet5 Version 2.360p.mp4
    • Your hair should be in a half up/half down hairstyle with a beehive at the top of your head. Style the bottom portion of hair naturally or use a curling iron to create loose curls. /0/06/Tease Your Hair Step 12Bullet6 Version 2.360p.mp4
  5. Finished.


  • Make sure to use a fine comb or a round brush with strong bristles; these will tease more effectively.
  • You can also use hair teasing to give limp bangs some lift so that they do not cling to your forehead.
  • To collapse teased hair, brush it out carefully by starting at the ends and working your way toward the scalp with each stroke. You do not want to brush your hair all the way through, since this will lead to breakage.
  • Hair teasing can damage your hair and should not be done every day. Use it for special occasions and costumes.
  • Focusing on the hair on the crown of your head usually offers a realistic rather than exaggerated amount of volume.
  • Teasing can be used to create various hairstyles:
    • Dreadlocks
    • Mohawks
    • The 80s mane
    • A retro, 50s look (e.g. beehive, bouffant)
    • Scene or emo hair
    • Any crazy, gravity-defying hairstyle you want
  • Leave some strands of hair without teasing to put over the teased messy hair.

Things You'll Need

  • Fine tooth comb or round brush
  • Hairspray
  • Blow dryer
  • Bobby pins or hair ties (depending on the hairstyle)
  • Serum
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