How to Prune Buddleia

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13-12-2020, 16:20
Buddleia (Buddleia davidii), also known as butterfly bush, is a shrub with multiple shoots that tends to grow and flower fast. The buddleia is a favorite of gardeners, due to its fragrant scent and its attractiveness to pollinators. As the buddleia grows quickly, you will have to prune it each spring before it begins to grow.

Pruning Your Buddleia

  1. Prune your buddleia in early spring. When you prune your buddleia matters greatly in terms of care. You should always prune your plant in early spring. Usually, March is the recommended time for pruning. However, when to prune truly depends on your region. Severe frost, present in late spring in some areas, can cause damage to a buddleia.
    • Making a decision on when to prune your buddleia heavily depends on the weather in your area. As stated above, if you prune too soon early spring frost can harm the plant. However, waiting until later in the summer, or even the fall, can be deadly for the buddleia. If new growths do not harden before winter, they will be killed by the cold. This results in a dead plant the next spring.
    • Keep an eye on the forecast, especially if you live in a colder area or an area with unpredictable weather patterns. If you see freezing temperatures or snow in your 10 day forecast, hold off on pruning. Wait until the weather's been consistently warm and above freezing for a few weeks before pruning.
  2. Cut back hard in the spring. Buddleias bloom on new wood. Even if there is no sign of rot or damage to existing branches, cut all of the branches back to the ground in early spring. This will stimulate blooming and growth from your buddleia during the flowering season.
    • Buddleias grow in bunches of stems sprouting from the same patch of ground. You prune the plant by cutting these stems downward towards the ground.
    • Stems should be at least a foot tall. Stop pruning once your stems are about a foot in length. Trimming any shorter could cause damage to the plant.
    • When you finish pruning your buddleia, it should look somewhat like a stag's antlers. Don't be alarmed by how much you cut from the plant. Such intense pruning is what helps the buddleia grow new flowers when the rainy season passes.
  3. Remove older branches. Buddleias can become overcrowded if too many branches sprout. If your buddleia bush looks crowded, remove older branches completely rather than just trimming them down.
    • It's fairly easy to differentiate old stems from young stems. Young stems tend to be green. Old stems are of a darker shade and usually have peeling, gray-brown bark and appear woodier.
    • You should dig out old branches by the roots. This will prevent them from re-blooming in the coming season.
  4. Deadhead spent blooms throughout the flowering season. The main pruning should be done in spring. The buddleia flowers in multiple places. Both main stems and side shoots that grow from main stems may flower. When seeking out dead flowers, look in all these places.

Caring for the Plant Afterwards

  1. Spread mulch in early spring. Spread mulch or compost around the stump of your buddleia plant, as this will help it retain moisture and fight off unwanted weeds. Spread about 6 inches of mulch or compost along the stumps of the plant.
  2. Plant new buddleias 5 to 10 feet away from existing plants. You may decide you want to plant more buddleias. You should keep the new plants 5 to 10 feet away from existing plants to make sure all your plants have adequate space to grow.
    • Buddleias may expand as they grow, branching out new stems. Therefore, it's vital you make sure the plants have the space necessary to thrive.
  3. Water appropriately. Buddleias need to be watered. The amount of water they need depends on the season. Young buddleias that are still growing should be watered thoroughly.
    • Buddleias do tolerate drought well. However, prolonged dry soil can be a problem for the plants. Therefore, regular watering is important in dry months.
    • Water the soil around the buddleia thoroughly so the soil is moist without being over-saturated. Before a buddleia blooms, it will need more watering. Water the buddleia at least once a week before it blooms. You may want to water twice a week or more if you live in an area experiencing a drought or very hot temperatures.
    • Once a buddleia is full grown, it requires less watering. However, check the soil surrounding the plant regularly to make sure it's damp. If it feels dry, water the soil until it moistens slightly.
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