How to Value Your Son in Law

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24-09-2016, 18:35
A son-in-law can be a tremendous boon to the family if the parents recognize the gift and initiates a positive relationship. Remember that any worthwhile relationship takes time to develop; then begin the process of bonding with your son-in-law.


  1. Cut him some slack. We're all human. Your son-in-law is included in that category. So, though you want some perfection from your daughter's husband, you won't find it. You're not perfect either, in case you hadn't noticed.
    • What do you expect? He's young so give him time to mature and grow.
  2. Hand him an appreciation note. Make it short, like three sentences put on a blank card. The simple gesture will surely put a smile on your son-in-law's face.
    • Giving gifts with the note won't hurt either. It can be anything like a money gift or a key chain.
  3. Listen up. Open your ears when your son-in-law has something to say, and particularly when he doesn't have anything to say. Men don't talk much, so they say. But in the long run, it doesn't matter if your son-in-law is silent or talkative, listen up.
    • It doesn't matter if you communicate verbally or physically, as long as you understand each other well.
  4. Advocate for him. Unless the issue is serious and the criticism deserved, don't foster "bad mouthing" your son-in-law. When someone starts a complaint about him, speak up as his advocate. Being his advocate indicates a trust between you and him.
  5. Praise him. We all need praise. We are nurtured by it. And your son-in-law is not different. Praising him sincerely will feed his soul for growth.
  6. Remember his birthday. Remember your son-in-law's birthday with a phone call, a card, a gift, or whatever. Just remember.
  7. Make short phone calls. An impromptu phone call to your son-in-law at a close of a workday is a good thing. Try it. He may not enjoy chatting on the phone. Many men don't. And if your son-in-law is one of those, then do short visits instead. Small conversations like "How are things?" "What's new?" "Just wondered how you two are doing." goes a long long way in keeping your bonding bound.


  • Keep your mouth shut long enough to listen up to what your son-in-law has to say, in one form or another.
  • Speaking praise face-to-face with your son-in-law will not ruin good character.
  • Being his advocate will return to you in goodness.
  • If you want to do something really nice for your daughter, do something really nice for her husband.
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