How to Clean a White Leather Purse

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19-12-2020, 17:10
Leather purses need special attention when it comes to cleaning. White leather gets visibly dirty faster than darker leathers, so regular maintenance is needed to keep your purse looking its best. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your bag weekly. Stains can be treated with diluted mild soap, white shoe polish, baby powder or a professional leather cleaning product, depending on the type of stain. When not in use, keep your bag stored in a dust-free area out of direct sunlight. Keep the leather supple by conditioning it every few months.

Doing Routine Cleaning

  1. Wipe down your bag once a week with a microfiber cloth. If your bag is pretty clean, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe it down weekly. To remove minor dirt, mix a drop or two of mild soap and 8-12 ounces of warm water together. Lightly dampen the microfiber cloth with the solution and wipe the dirt off the leather.
  2. Dry the surface immediately after using a damp cloth. After using the mild soap solution, go back over the surface with a dry microfiber cloth to ensure no water is left standing on the leather's surface. Avoid using soggy paper towels for this. Microfiber is the ideal material because it won’t crumble and wicks away moisture quickly.
  3. Wipe gently and with the grain of the leather. To avoid damaging the leather, always wipe the bag lightly. Wipe in the same direction as the grain of the leather. Use smooth, uniform strokes. Be sure to wipe the parts you touch the most, such as the handles, strap and clasp. These areas are easily soiled by the natural oils on your hands.
  4. Avoid using bleach, vinegar and baby wipes. Some commonly suggested “home remedies” involve using these substances. Don’t use them. The chemicals in these products can damage the surface, dry out the leather and cause grease stain issues.

Removing Stains

  1. Address spills as soon as they occur. The faster you remove the spilled substance, the less likely it is to stain the leather. Blot spills immediately with a dry microfiber cloth. You may want to tuck a small microfiber cloth into your purse for emergencies.
  2. Try white shoe polish on tough stains. This works particularly well on ink stains, since they are extremely difficult to get out. Buy a white shoe polish product at a shoe or department store. Squeeze the container until a small amount of the polish comes out. Cover the stain completely with it. Gently buff the area with the sponge applicator tip to cover the stain.
  3. Sprinkle baby powder on oil stains. If you’ve discovered an oil-based stain on your leather bag, sprinkle enough baby powder on top of the spot so that’s completely covered. Leave it on overnight. The next day, brush away the baby powder with a dry microfiber cloth. The stain should be gone. If not, reapply and give it another day.
    • If the stain persists, you’ll need to have your bag cleaned professionally.
    • Never use water on an oil-based stain.
  4. Use a professional leather cleaning product on major stains. You can buy these specially formulated products at department stores and shoe shops. They may cost a little more than a solution you can mix up at home, but these products are very effective. Apply the cleaner directly to the stain.
    • In most cases, you will not need to rinse the bag because the leather soaks up the cleansing cream. Check your particular product's instructions to confirm.
    • If your product does call for wiping, do so very gently and with the grain of the leather. Rough scrubbing can drive the stain more deeply into the leather.

Maintaining Your Purse

  1. Avoid touching your purse after you’ve used hand lotion. This is a very common cause of oil-based stains on leather purses. When doing a routine wipe-down, check the handles and clasps particularly, since the natural oils from your hands may also cause oily stains.
  2. Keep your bag in a dust-free space when not in use. Dust can settle on the white leather and affect its appearance. If your leather bag came with a dust bag (many designer purses do), store your purse inside it when you aren’t using it. If you don’t have a dust bag, an old pillowcase or garment bag will work.
  3. Store your bag out of direct sunlight. The sun’s rays can damage the leather's surface. Make sure you store it in a non-humid area with no direct sunlight. Stuff the bag with newspaper while in storage. This will help the leather bag keep its original shape.
  4. Condition the leather every few months. Wipe the leather down first with a dry microfiber cloth to ensure there’s no lingering dust or dirt. Rub a small amount of the conditioner onto the surface of the purse. Allow it to sit for several minutes, which allows the leather to soak up the hydration. Gently wipe the conditioner off with a clean microfiber cloth.
    • Regular conditioning will keep the leather supple and prevent cracking.
    • Leather conditioner products can be purchased at shoe and department stores.
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