How to Be Stylish and Preppy (for Girls)

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3-10-2016, 04:15
Preppy is often misconstrued, with people using it to label the fashionable clothes that they wear. This article will tell you how to be truly preppy.

Get the look

  1. Get a canvas or linen tote bag for summer, and a sturdy (preferably heirloom) leather bag for school. If you opt for a monogram tote, make it your monogram, not "LV".
  2. Get the makeup.Wear lip gloss and curl your eyelashes.
  3. Get the nails.Get a subtle french manicure or paint your nails pale pink. If you get fake nails make sure that they are not too long and look real. Keep your cuticles in good condition.
  4. Get the hair. Straighten your hair, but ensure that it looks natural. If you don't wish to leave your hair down, wear low pigtails (with the elastic at least below your ear), a ponytail, a half-up (keep it casual though) or opt for a cute headband.
  5. Keep things like a cell phone, small hairbrush, mirror, sunglasses (Jackie O style or Wayfarer style, nothing too embellished),etc. in your tote bag.
  6. Get the clothes. You can opt for clean-cut preppy (ie. a fitted polo and sweater vest in coordinating colors with a cute plaid skirt, a quilted bag, and basic flats) or Sloaney distressed preppy (ie. an over sized cardigan over a basic tee with ripped jeans, a vintage bag, and battered Chanel style flats). Wear flip-flops in the summer. Opt for pink, green, or navy Havaianas. Do not wear white flip flops. They will get trashed. Avoid platform or high heeled flip flops.
    • Preppy brands are: Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Dooney & Bourke, Coach, Lacoste, some Louis Vuitton (Marc Jacobs' own line is better, Esprit and Tommy Hilfiger.)
  7. Get the jewelry. Wear a simple pearl necklace (faux is okay). Wear an oversize men's watch or a delicate feminine one. In betweens are dull. Wear simple pearl earrings and accessorize with cute necklaces and bracelets. Wear a Tiffany charm bracelet.

Get the poise

  1. Walk tall and upright. Keep your head up at all times.


  • Wear properly fitted clothing.
  • Avoid frosted lip gloss, or heavy black eyeliner encircling the eyes.
  • Stay away from clothing like Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle and Hollister. Showing off labels of inexpensive stores is distasteful.
  • Invest in good quality jewelry (ie. 24k gold, pearls, small diamonds or cubic zircons) and clothing made of fine fabrics (cashmere, good quality denim a la Earnest Sewn, leather for handbags)
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