How to Serve Gewurztraminer

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29-12-2020, 14:10
Although the Gewurztraminer grape is often identified with German wines, this wine was originally produced throughout the foothills of the Alps. Now, this fruity, floral wine is bottled in all over the world. If you have a favorite food that doesn't traditionally pair with wine, try using a sweetly robust Gewurztraminer, as this wine is famous for complementing difficult-to-pair foods.

Drinking Gewurztraminer

  1. Chill the gewürztraminer. This fragrant wine is best enjoyed at 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (12 to 15 degrees Celsius). Use a wine cooler to chill the wine to an exact temperature. If you don't have a wine cooler, you can chill your gewürztraminer in the refrigerator. Check the temperature using a wine bottle thermometer.
    • If you don't have a wine bottle thermometer, leave the gewürztraminer in your refrigerator overnight. It may not be at the perfect temperature but it will be sufficiently chilled.
    • If your gewürztraminer is acidic, chill it two degrees more. If it's less acidic, chill it two degrees less.
  2. Pour the wine into a clean glass. For an authentic presentation, serve gewürztraminer in a long stemmed white wine glass. Fill the glass until it's one third full. This will let the wine aerate and improve the flavor.
    • Use a decanter to pour the wine if you want to improve the flavor of a cheaper gewürztraminer.
    • Twist the bottle as you pull it away from the glass to prevent wine from dripping after you pour.
  3. Chill the opened bottle. Place the wine in the refrigerator or wine cooler in between glasses to keep the wine cold. Alternatively, place the opened bottle in a metal bucket filled with ice. Letting the wine warm up between glasses will negatively impact the flavor.
  4. Finish the bottle within 48 hours of opening it. Wine begins oxidizing once it's open. This natural chemical process impacts the quality of the wine. Therefore, try to finish the bottle within a day or two. Similarly, if you don't have proper wine storage tools such as a cooler or wine cellar, drink unopened gewürztraminer within a few weeks of purchase.

Serving Gewurztraminer

  1. Pair it with rich, spicy cuisine. The strong floral notes in gewürztraminer couples well with robust cuisines. For example, this wine is delicious with Middle eastern dishes containing nuts, dates, and spiced meats. Similarly, gewürztraminer pairs nicely with hearty German food such as sauerkraut and sausages.
    • Avoid serving gewürztraminer with sweet dishes. The sweetness of the wine coupled with the sweetness of the dish could be overpowering.
  2. Serve gewürztraminer with pâtés. The sweet, crisp flavors in this wine complement rich foods by dampening the fatty flavors. Most pâtés, such as pâté de foie gras, pair wonderfully with this wine. Other excellent pâtés include liverwurst and terrines.
    • Serve pâté chilled and spread it on crackers or bread.
  3. Pair the wine with a cheese board. Populate your cheese plate with stinky soft cheeses. Some excellent cheeses include Roquefort, Munster, Pont l'Eveque, and the classic bleu cheese. Next, add a variety of crackers, pickled vegetables, nuts, apple slices, and dried fruit to eat with the cheese.
    • Don't serve flavored crackers with robust cheeses. For example, if you served garlic crackers with bleu cheese, the flavors would clash unpleasantly.
  4. Serve gewürztraminer as a dessert wine. Instead of having a sweet dessert, serve a chilled glass of gewürztraminer after dinner. This wine is a great way to finish a dinner party and help you relax after a hearty meal. However, avoid pairing the wine with a dessert as the sweetness could be overwhelming.

Choosing Quality Gewurztraminer

  1. Buy high quality wine. Look for specialty wine producers. Most gewürztraminer wine found at grocery stores is low quality. Visit your local liquor store, shop online, or visit a gewürztraminer winery to find quality brands. Experiment with different gewürztraminer producers to find one you like.
    • Gewurztraminer wine will range from dark yellow to copper colored. If it's too pale, it's a low quality wine.
    • This wine should have a very strong lychee, rose, and spiced smell. If the wine doesn't smell like anything, it's an over processed wine.
  2. Buy authentic gewürztraminer wine. Gewurztraminer is produced all over the world. However, this wine originated from the foothills of the Alps, and many believe that the best gewürztraminer is authentic gewürztraminer. Countries such as Germany, Italy, and France (specifically Alsace) produce high quality, authentic gewürztraminer.
    • You can also buy excellent gewürztraminer from Australia, New Zealand, and California. The location is less authentic but the quality of the wine is good.
  3. Find your favorite gewürztraminer. This wine can have varying levels of sweetness. If you don't like sugary wines, choose a dry gewürztraminer. If you prefer a dessert wine, choose a medium or sweet gewürztraminer. Keep in mind that gewürztraminers in general are considered sweet wines because of their floral aromas.
    • A wine with a complex floral aroma often tastes sweeter than it actually is, even if there isn't any sugar in the wine.


  • This wine is sometimes known by the nickname “Gewurz,” meaning “spice.” It can be written with or without an umlaut over the “u.”
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