How to Stop Picking at Acne

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31-12-2020, 14:50
Picking at blemishes is an impulsive habit, and could last up to years. You know better, but you still find yourself doing it again, and again; going nowhere. Here are some tips to stop picking at acne:

Setting a Date

  1. Set a date in the near future when you want to be clearest. The date you pick is very important. Setting a date further in the future leaves more room for error; as in you could feel like you can pick, and still have time for it to clear up again, which enforces the habit. Set a date around a couple weeks in the future, when, if you pick, it won't heal up in time.Tell yourself that you could have your clearest skin from the day you start to the day you've met your goal, and then, set another one.
  2. Choose a date with importance. It helps to choose a date that has some significance to you, like a day you'd see people who are important to you, and would want to meet having clearer skin. You could make one yourself by planning a day out with your friends, or going to a place where you'd meet new people, and make a first impression. The main idea is to be any place you'd want to be with clearer skin.

Grooming Yourself and Finding New Habits

  1. Wear gloves. Having a layer between your fingers, and your skin makes it difficult to pick. Hang rubber gloves on the door to where usually pick. When you go inside, put them on, then take them off when you leave.
  2. Cover the mirror. You're less likely to pick if you can't see it. Picking at acne is an impulsive habit, that's triggered when you see your blemishes, and want them gone instantly, so covering the mirror can be helpful. One option is hanging a calendar with a marking where your goal is over the mirror. You could use a poster, or a picture but anything is better than nothing.
  3. Do your nails well. Having nice nails could motivate you not to scratch at your skin, and ruin them, but one very affective way to decorate your nails is to add rhinestones, or any decoration to the tips of your nails, so you can't pick at your skin even if you tried, because the decoration acts like a block against your skin, so it's not your nail touching your skin, it's the plastic.
  4. Use a face mask. Having a face mask prevents you from touching your face. If you have a set skincare treatment, a mask may interfere with medication you're using, so here's a mask that you could leave on as long as you want that won't disrupt the process of your skin medication.You will need to apply aloe vera gel to area, and soak paper in more aloe vera. Apply to face. Aloe vera heals wounds about a million times faster than without, and lessens redness. You will need these items:
    • Aloe Vera
    • Paper towels/tissue paper/rice paper

Reaching Your Goal

  1. Don't expect to have totally clear skin by the time you reach your goal. It's ideal, but healing acne takes a lot of time, so having blemishes is okay. What's important is that you have less than you did before, so take it day by day, and know that there's bumps in the road.
  2. Stay positive. Sometimes you mess up, and give in. It happens. Be strict with yourself, but if you pick before your goal, stay on the bright side. Think of all the days you could've picked, but didn't, and remember that you're still clearer now than if you sticked to your old habits.


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