How to Stop a Dog Chase from Becoming an Attack

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31-12-2020, 17:00
Being chased by a dog can be a scary experience. If the chase becomes an actual attack, the experience can be even scarier. A dog will not attack unless it feels threatened. If a dog sees you as a threat and starts chasing you, you can take certain measures to reduce the chances of the chase becoming an attack.

Preventing the Attack

  1. Stand still and stay calm. If a dog is chasing you, standing still is probably the last thing you think you should do. You may feel like you’re now an easy target for the dog. However, standing completely still is one of the best things you can do to stop the chase from becoming an attack. Stand with your arms to your sides, like a tree.
    • If you think you’ll be tempted to move your arms if they’re at your sides, fold them across your chest. It’s important not to flail your arms around—this could agitate and excite the dog even more.
    • When you stand, turn your body to the side so you can see the dog from the corner of your eye.
  2. Do not make eye contact with the dog. As you stand, do not look directly into the dog’s eyes. If you make eye contact, the dog may interpret the stare as a direct threat, increasing the likelihood of an attack. If the dog walks in front of you, try looking downward or to the side.
  3. Tell the dog to go away. A dog intent on attacking wants its target to be stressed and afraid. If you are calm, still, and assertive, the dog will be much less likely to attack you. As you are standing still and staying calm, firmly say ‘Go away!’ to the dog. Do not yell the command, since this could agitate the dog.
    • Say the command just loudly enough so the dog gets the message that you are not afraid of it.
    • You can also give the dog regular commands, like sit, down, and stay. If the dog has received obedience training, it may respond to these commands.
    • Most dogs will turn and leave at this point, once they realize that showing aggression isn’t enough to scare a person off. If the dog does not leave, continue to stand still and avoid eye contact.
  4. Back slowly away from the dog. If the dog calms down and doesn’t attack you, breathe a huge sigh of relief! Don’t let your guard down just yet, though. The dog may wait until you turn your back on it to attack you. Back away slowly until the dog is out of your sight.

Knowing What to Do if Attacked

  1. “Feed” something to the dog. If the dog does not back down and proceeds to attack you, it’s time to go into protective mode. To keep the dog from biting you, give it something else to bite, such as a purse, backpack, or anything else you can quickly throw at the dog. Doing this will distract the dog and put distance between you and the dog.
    • If you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt, try to get your arm out of the sleeve and have the dog bite the sleeve as you take the shirt completely off. While the dog is distracted, back slowly away and get to safety.
  2. Curl into a ball on the ground. If you have fallen on the ground during the attack, quickly curl into a tight ball. Cover your ears with your hands and remain still and silent. Curling into this position will protect your face, chest, and throat. These areas could suffer serious damage from dog bites.
    • The throat has major blood vessels (jugular vein, carotid artery) that could bleed a lot if damaged by a dog bite. The chest contains vital organs, like the heart and lungs.
    • Curling into a ball mimics playing dead, which will not be threatening to the dog.
    • Most dogs will stop the attack and leave the area once a person has curled into a ball.
  3. Do not pull away from the dog. If you are curled up on the ground and the dog starts biting, you will probably want to pull away. However, pulling away could actually cause more damage, since your skin could tear while you pull away. It will be hard for you to stay still, but do your best to do so.
    • Stay still until the dog has stopped attacking you.
    • Yell for help if you can.


  • Not all dogs will chase and attack someone who’s running away.
  • If a dog chases and threatens to attack you, stay in control of the situation (even if you are scared). The more in control you are, the better you will be able to prevent the attack and protect yourself.
  • Responsible pet ownership plays an important role in whether a dog will attack. Socializing and training a dog will teach it how to properly interact with people, even if it loves the thrill of a chase.
  • Following the dog attack, seek medical care. Also, contact your local animal control authorities to report your injuries.


  • Do not try to kick a dog that is attacking you. This could get the dog even more agitated, and you could lose your balance and fall to the ground.
  • All dog breeds are capable of attacking. Do not judge a dog’s likeliness to attack based on its breed.
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