How to Ask Your Crush to the Dance

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4-01-2021, 00:10
Talking to your crush is stressful enough, but asking them to go with you to a dance can be a nightmare. Even if you’re sure they like you, you can never be positive about how they’ll respond. And the last thing you want to do is embarrass yourself or ruin a friendship. Fortunately, dropping hints and making a plan can help make asking your crush out a relatively anxiety-free experience. Just remember that no technique is better than getting to know each other, and having the courage to ask them out in the first place has already put you ahead of the game!

Planning Your Attack

  1. Look for signs of interest. Asking your crush to a dance can be nerve-racking, but knowing you have a good shot of them saying yes will go a long way to boosting your confidence. To figure out how interested they are, pay close attention to how they act around you. For example, do they frequently initiate conversation or seek you out in crowds? If your crush is consistently going out of their way to speak with you or to be near you, it’s likely they’re attempting to convey their interests.
    • If they make note of the things that interest you to bring back up later in conversation, that’s also a good sign they may like you.
    • If you’re still unsure, try getting your friends to gauge your crush’s interest. You don’t want them to directly ask him/her outright, but they can fish for information by bringing you up in conversation and then seeing what your crush says or how they react.
    • Keep in mind that if your crush is shy, they may be extra awkward and quiet around you, so you may have to drop hints to help them open up.
  2. Make your feelings known. Once you’ve got a good idea of how your crush feels, it’s time to reciprocate. You want to let your crush know that you’re interested and open to any potential advances. The best way to do this is to talk to them as frequently as you can. This may seem a bit awkward, especially if you’re constantly nervous around them, but there are a bunch of easy conversation starters you can try.
    • For example, compliment your crush every now and again when you see them. This can be anything from, “That sweater looks really good on you,” to “Did you get a haircut? Your hair looks really nice today.” Just remember not to go over the top or try to force it.
    • You can also ask about their interests. For example, if your crush plays sports or is a big gamer, try to ask them questions about their favorite sports teams or an upcoming game release you know they’re excited about.
    • You can also get involved in some of the activities that they enjoy, like going to concerts of bands they like. Just make sure you are staying true to your own likes, you don’t want to change yourself just to get your crush interested.
  3. Hint to your crush that you want to go the dance. If you and your crush talk frequently or have at least started to, try talking about the dance in general. You don’t have to say anything about going together, but simply talking about the dance will introduce the idea and make it less awkward later when you ask them out. It will also let them know you’re interested in going.
    • Try talking about the theme of the dance, who is going, or what music you think they’ll play. For example, you could say something like “I heard Jerry and Jess are trying to get a group together to take a trolley to the dance instead of a limo. How much do you think that’ll cost?” or “Do you think the DJ will take requests? I want to dance to Beyonce.”
    • Talking about the dance will also give you a good idea of whether or not your crush plans to go to the dance.

Making Your Approach

  1. Ask them in person. This is the simplest method, even if it is usually the most stressful. To make the situation easier on both you and your crush, try to ask them when you’re both alone. For example, between classes, on the bus, or at lunch if you get a minute to yourselves. Not having a bunch of people or friends around will make you both more comfortable.
    • Make it simple, to start, say something like “Hey, could I speak to you a moment?” Then, once the two of you are alone ask, “I was wondering if you’d like to go to the dance with me?”
    • If you’re nervous, try practicing the conversation with a friend beforehand.
  2. Ask them via text. Whether you and your crush talk frequently or not, texting is a great way to communicate without the extra stress of speaking in person. You can take your time and revise what you want to say multiple times. Try inserting the question into a normal conversation by building up to it. For example, try talking about school or homework, then lead into the upcoming dance, and eventually ask them if they’d like to go with you.
    • For example, text a simple, “So, are you planning to go to the dance?” or “So, do you have a date for the dance yet?” If your crush says no, then ask, “Would you like to go with me?” If your crush plans to go with friends, ask if they’ll at least save you dance.
  3. Leave them a note. Another easy, relatively stress-free way to ask your crush to the dance is to leave them a note. If you’re feeling bold, you can pass them one in class for an immediate response. However, if you’re feeling a bit shyer, simply slip a note asking if they’d like to go with you into their locker. You can even leave directions on the note like, “Circle Y or N and slip this back into my locker by the end of the day.” If not, you may have to approach your crush directly for an answer.

Getting Creative

  1. Give them baked goods. If you want to make a bit more of an impression, try making some sweet treats for your crush. Find out their favorite cookie or cupcake and make them a bunch. You can spell out D A N C E ? on top of the cupcakes in frosting. For something more subtle, hand out cupcakes or cookies to all your friends - girls and guys alike - and give your crush a special one with DANCE? written on it.
    • If your crush doesn’t like sweets, try doing this with a pizza.
  2. Play hangman. If you’ve got the downtime in class or a study hall, rope your crush into a game of hangman. When it’s your turn to come up with a word or phrase, mark out spaces for either D A N C E ? or “Will you go to the dance with me?” Then simply hold tight as you wait for your crush to figure it out.
    • You can try this tactic with other games like Pictionary or Scrabble, too.
  3. Put a note in a fortune cookie. This might take a little bit more work, but shouldn’t be too expensive. You can buy a big thing of fortune cookies online for around $10. Simply change out the fortune in one and then make sure to give it to your crush when you’re handing them out to friends or classmates. Just make sure that your crush actually opens it and doesn’t give it to someone else!
  4. Make a mix CD. This is a great idea if you and your crush have similar tastes in music. Try putting together a bunch of songs you think your crush would like and write a message for them on the inside of the CD case. You don’t need to write anything long, just “Would you like to go to the dance with me?” You could also just write “Go to the dance with me?” directly on the CD.
  5. Send them a message in a bottle. Another cute idea is to put a note asking them to the dance in a bottle or mason jar. You can then fill this jar with candies like jelly beans, m&ms, sour patch kids, or any other sweet they like. Just make sure that your note is big enough to be found and not get lost amongst the candy.


  • Make sure your friends know you want to go with this guy, so they don't ask him out instead.
  • If you get butterflies before you ask them, try starting up a conversation that will lead up to you asking them.
  • If they say no, don't sweat it. It takes a lot of courage to ask someone out and you should be proud of yourself for taking that chance!


  • If you just pop the question out of the blue, they will likely say no. So try to build a friendship with them before asking.
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