How to Celebrate Your Younger Sister's Birthday

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3-10-2016, 20:50
Making your little sister's birthday special is really important, especially if you are good friends with her. If you're looking for a way to not only celebrate your younger sister's birthday, but make it special and memorable for her too, then move down to step one below.


  1. Recognize that all girls like different things. Keeping this in mind, make sure that you choose a gift that is unique to her and fits her hobbies and interests. Also, decide on a gift that she will use often. You could get her toys, games, make-up, a football, or anything that she will enjoy using and playing with.
    • If you have no idea what she likes, because you haven't really spent that much time with her, or if you are just having trouble figuring out a gift, ask your parents. Most likely, they'll give you some good ideas.
  2. Avoid getting jealous of something that she gets. You need to accept that she has most likely been wanting this and as you are older, you could always buy it yourself or ask her nicely to borrow it. Don't be mean to her about it, otherwise she will be less likely to share anything else with you in the future.
  3. Recognize that if your younger sister is having a party, then they will probably be inviting their friends from their class at school. If this bothers you, then you could have a quiet word with your parents and ask them to see if a really good friend of yours could come. Don't ask for too many though, as your parents will probably say no. Stick to one really close friend, or maybe two if you really want to.
  4. Help your little sister get ready for her big party. Help her decide what she wants to wear, making sure it's age appropriate, do her hair if she wishes to have it done, and if your parents allow it, apply very minimal makeup if she would like some. Your parents will definitely appreciate you helping your sister so they can set up, and it can be some time for you to bond and have fun with her.
  5. Talk and interact with her often during her birthday. Make sure that you are talking to her occasionally, but also giving her some privacy. When she gets up hug her and wish her a happy birthday. Even if she says she doesn't, or she looks mad when you talk to her, she most likely wants you to spend time with and talk to her.
  6. Come into her bedroom before she goes to sleep. She will most likely be happy, and even if she is not, you can simply wish her a happy birthday, blow her a kiss, and walk out. If she allows you in, spend more time with her, talking about her birthday and tucking her in.


  • Make her feel really special during the day by being nice to her. Don't be too nice to her, but just make a few kind gestures and smile at her, and wish her a happy birthday. If she doesn't like it, your parents most likely will.


  • It is super important that you ask your parents before asking your sister about applying makeup. Even if your little sister wants some, your parents may be completely against it. Even if they are, they will at least appreciate you asking instead of putting some on her, and then having them be mad at you for doing it without asking.
  • Don't tell her what you or your parents have got her, even if she offers you anything. This will make your parents really angry, especially if they had a big surprise planned.
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