How to Pack for a Tropical Summer Break As a Tween

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3-10-2016, 21:25
If you're a tween that's lucky enough to be going on a tropical holiday but is a little overwhelmed by the packing, this article is for you!


  1. Bring your suitcase.. This will make packing easier, as you don't have to worry about giving other people room for their clothes. You may have to persuade your parents. If you are going by plane, make sure that you're suitcase is the allowed size.
  2. Once you have your suitcase, it's time for clothes. Take at least one pair of underwear for each day you're traveling, and if you wear one, a couple of bras. Two or three pairs of shorts are essential. Bring some bright t-shirts and tank tops that you can mix and match. Also, remember to bring some pajamas!
  3. Bring shoes. Usually, a pair of flip-flops, sandals and a pair of sneakers will do, but you might want to bring a pair of dress shoes just in case. Don't forget socks!
  4. Toiletries are a must. Bring shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, facial cleanser, a hairbrush and don't forget sunscreen! Also, remember deodorant. It can be hot and sweaty at the beach.
  5. Bring two swimsuits, because most tropical hotels have a beach or a pool.
  6. If you wear makeup, put it in a small bag. Just take along some eye shadow, coral lipstick and gloss. Heat will clog your pores when you wear makeup, so you don't want to wear a lot. You can also find makeup that doesn't clog your pores, but it's still recommended not to wear it much.

In Your Carry On

  1. For a carry-on, bring a small, stylish bag that you carry on your shoulder.
  2. Put in your wallet, just in case you'd like to buy something at the airport or on your trip.
  3. Put in sunglasses. These are a must to protect your eyes.
  4. Bring some entertainment, like a book or your iPod.
  5. Bring along some Colgate Wisps, there great for fresh breath on the go.
  6. Put chap-stick in your bag.
  7. If you have a long flight, put in a neck pillow and an eye mask.


  • Always bring a light sweatshirt, you never know if it will get breezy or cool.
  • Make sure you only bring the things you need, you don't want to over pack.
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