How to Use Velcro Rollers

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Velcro rollers might seem like a less professional alternative to curling your hair, but the truth is velcro rollers can save your hair hair from heat damage and your pocketbook from expensive curling options. Using these, you can create soft curls, enhance the volume of your "do," and create a full-bodied look. Velcro rollers can be used with any hair type or length, and can help you achieve a salon-grade style without having to leave home.

Ensuring a Good Curl

  1. Select or purchase your rollers. If you don't have a pack of velcro rollers of your own, you'll need to take a trip to your local drug store or beauty shop to pick some up. You may even be able to find some in the beauty section of your local grocery. Your velcro rollers will come in various sizes; you should select smaller sizes if you want more curl, or larger rollers for gentler curls.
    • Shorter hair will require smaller rollers. Depending on how short your hair is, you may only be able to get gentle waves due to your hair length. Longer hair works best for curling.
    • Small rollers in long hair will create tighter ringlets, though you may need to use two rollers for hair that is especially long or thick.
    • Large rollers shoulder length hair are excellent for creating volume, but these same rollers will create actual waves in longer hair. You'll need to adjust the size of roller you have to your hair length to create the effect you're going for.
  2. Dampen your hair. You may want to wash your hair before you curl, though this is not necessary. You can achieve excellent curls by dampening your hair with water from the faucet or a spray bottle. Damp hair will allow you to bring out more curl, and dry hair will create gentler waves.
    • If you decide to wash your hair beforehand, you'll want to dry excess moisture out of your hair with a towel, blow dryer, or by air drying until it is only damp.
    • Volumizing product might be just what you need to bring out more pronounced curls.
  3. Section thicker hair. For especially thick hair, it can be difficult to wind your hair in the rollers without first separating it into sections to make it more manageable. Less thick hair types can likely forego sectioning, and move straight into rolling.
    • Extra thick hair will likely have to use rollers in many small sections to achieve a noticeable curl.
  4. Troubleshoot loose or non-sticking rollers. You should not need pins or clips to secure the velcro rollers in place. If the roller is not grabbing your hair and is loose, it could be that you've wound too much hair on the roller. Unroll it and reduce the amount of hair in that segment. Try rolling again until you have a more secure hold.
  5. Piggyback two rollers per rolled segment for long or thick hair. Winding too much hair on your roller can diminish its effects, lead to tangles, or cause the roller to not stick in place. Start with one roller halfway up the segment of hair you are working with and roll it to the top. The bottom of the segment of hair should still be draping downward. Use a second roller, start at the bottom, and roll the hair up to meet the first roller.
  6. Untangle and a pull free a segment of hair. Take a segment of hair from the section you are working on that is no thicker than your roller and brush it straight. You'll want your hair to be tangle free before you put in your rollers to minimize tangles and frizz. Pull the hair so it is taut and there is no slack. You're now ready to roll.

Winding Hair in Velcro Rollers

  1. Wind your hair from the ends to the root. Starting from the ends of your hair, wind your hair around the roller so the hair curls down and inward toward your scalp. Continue rolling your hair onto the roller until the roller is snug against your scalp.
    • The velcro on the roller should grab the hair and hold the roller in place
    • Thicker hair might require more than one roller per section of hair. If the roller does not stick or is loose, you have rolled too much hair on it.
    • You might use larger rollers on the top parts of your hair and smaller rollers on the bottom parts to create a natural looking landscape of ringlets.
  2. Add volume with your velcro rollers. It's easy to create waves and bounce with wide rollers. When aiming for a gentler curl, you should begin with dry hair. Lightly mist the section of hair you are working on with hair spray or volumizing spray. Pull the section taunt and straight up from your head, then roll from the end until it is snug against your head, as you would normally.
    • Lifting the hair section straight up increases height at the root, which will result in more volume.
  3. Tame your frizzy hair with velcro rollers. While your hair is still damp, apply an anti-frizz serum and blow dry your hair lightly. After doing this, you should brush straight any of the loose hair that you did not put into rollers.
    • Use a blow dryer on the hair for about 5 minutes, blowing down the shafts of hair.
  4. Wait until your rollers set. The more time you allow your rollers to set in your hair, the stronger and longer lasting the curl. You should wait at least 10-20 more minutes before unrolling, though thicker hairdos might want to leave rollers in overnight. If your hair is damp, you can lightly blow dry until your hair is dry, and then remove the rollers.
    • Anti-frizz, styling spray, or finishing cream can help ensure a more polished looking finish.
  5. Remove rollers from your hair. Carefully unwind each roller. Pulling the rollers out can leave rollers stuck in your hair and result in a frizzy mess. As you unwind your roller, hold the segment of hair above the roller with your free hand to guide your unwinding.
    • By holding the hair above the roller, you will keep your hair from accidentally getting stuck to the velcro or re-tangled in the roller.
  6. Brush out your hair and enjoy the curls. Use your comb to gently combine the various segments of hair together. You can also use your fingers to merge segments back together.
    • Adding baby powder or talcum powder to the roots of your hair can help your curls last even longer.
    • You can also set your curls with hairspray to maintain your look.


  • Curl all of the curls in the same direction.
  • Warm hair for a better curl. Hair will curl better from the velcro rollers if it is a little warm. Use velcro rollers just after blow drying or use a blow dryer on your hair for a few minutes with the curlers in.

Things You'll Need

  • Anti-frizz serum or spray
  • Comb/brush
  • Hair dryer
  • Styling spray
  • Velcro rollers
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