How to Treat and Play With a Porcelain Doll

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4-10-2016, 09:55
Porcelain dolls are magnificent toys but you have to be careful when playing with them. Don't worry too much, though, we've got you covered!


  1. Find the perfect doll for you. Search flea markets, antique websites or shops, toy stores et cetera.
  2. When you get home, brush her hair and get her neat. Sometimes, dolls that come in boxes can have their clothes crumpled or get their hair messy: look out for this.
  3. Get ready to name her. If you're not sure of a name yet, the Internet is a great idea. If she's antique try Victorian names like Constance, Martha or Ann. Any name it is, make sure she looks like it and that you feel that the name is right.
  4. Start playing. Remember to treat your porcelain doll like she's a person. Don't cuddle her too tight or treat her like a teddy bear because porcelain dolls are extremely fragile.
  5. Talk to her. If you're dying to tell someone a secret or if you've had a really embarrassing day - talk to your doll. This will probably comfort you and make you relieved.
  6. Dress her up. If you find them - why not get you both matching dresses? Or if she's an antique doll try to get someone who sews to make her lovely dresses. You can also find them in some toy shops. Certain American Girl clothes fit porcelain dolls so be sure to be on the watch.
  7. Take care of her appearance. Brush her hair once or twice a day and change her clothes often. If your doll's clothes are stuck to her body- try experimenting with elaborate hairstyles to make her look quirky and unique.
  8. If you have a younger sibling, keep them away! Because these dolls can break easily, it is important to keep them away from young children who could get hurt with the shattered porcelain.
  9. No make-up or paint! This will ruin your porcelain doll because they paint will take days to dry because of the moisture and could smudge. Do not try to put on lipstick or blush on her because they won't stick to the porcelain causing them to smudge and damage your doll.
  10. Make sure to have fun with her! Whatever you're doing just be careful and have fun.


  • Porcelain dolls are very fragile.
  • If, by any chance, she shatters and you get cut badly by the porcelain, seek medical help immediately.
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