How to Start a Christian Drill Team

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4-10-2016, 11:10
Start a Christian Drill Team can help young people build and foster self esteem, discipline, and a team effort. This is an easy and quick guide. First pray and ask God for strength, guidance, and patience. Ask for your local pastor for approval and assistance if desired. Now let's go. Attention!


  1. Choose or request interested young people who would like to be a part of the drill team. (If you have at least 3 people, then you've got a team.)
  2. Plan and set up a date for orientation. At orientation you will give them their packets and the sign up sheet and permission slip, which can be found at the back of the Manual. Introduce yourself and tell them of your vision for the drill team. Watch the Video with them. Challenge them to join and become a part of the drill team. Announce your next meeting time and dismiss them.
  3. Start off your next meeting with prayer. Now review the creed of your local church, the creed of your Christian drill team which you have created and established for your drill team. Challenge all members to memorize both church and drill team creeds. Review the metal and bands that can be earned as a member of the drill team. Go to the badges, metals and bands locate in the back of the manual. (If you have chosen different metals, badges and bands please have then available to be seen and give a brief detail of how you earn each one and what it means. Now you will run a simple drill with your team. (See start up drills locate in the back of the manual.)
  4. Choose a theme or purpose for a drill and make a routine. Remember that we represent Christ and nothing should be confused with or added into your routine that does not in some way reflect Christ and what you stand for.
  5. Confirm your Basic Training Date with your Pastor. Now advertise it and announce it. Pick a place to hold your basic training where you will be able to have indoor training classroom style and outdoor training. Through basic training you and your team with build self esteem, discipline, discipleship, unity, and strength. Your team will learn drill terms and commands. Your team will be taught a routine. As the leader you will create your own drill and lead your squad at graduation.Awards will be given and badges, medals, etc if you have meet the guidelines. After the completion of graduation from basic training you will be able to compete in the battle of the Drills.
  6. Make sure you praise your team for their good effort and hard work on performance.


  • If you give God all you got, He will bless you. Invest in the youth and God will truly bless you. Stay on top of this ministry and don't let it die. Youth sometimes say that we start and stop things but don't let it be with the drill team. Think of ways you can perfect your drill team. Always clear invitations with your Pastor before you accept them. Then remind Him and put it in writing and let your local congregation know when you go out so that you can have support.
  • Make sure everyone is in one accord(together).


  • The drill team is an active and motivated group. You will become very involved and it takes up a lot of time when you have an engagement, so that you can perfect the routine.

Things You'll Need

  • A bunch of excited young people
  • Transportation
  • Creative mind, a warm heart, a love for young people and whole bunch of patience
  • Money
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