How to Play Matrix Bullettime Fighting at Mofunzone

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17-01-2021, 03:00
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  1. The screen will say "3, 2, 1, GO!" That's when you start.
  2. To do an eagle, jump by pressing the "up" button. When you are in mid-air, press the "down" button.
  3. To do a Matrix, press the "up" and the "down" keys at the same time.
  4. To do a Matrix cartwheel, do a Matrix and then press the key which makes you move the opposite way you were standing. e.g. you were facing left. Do a Matrix and then press the right key.
  5. To do a cartwheel, it is the same as a Matrix cartwheel, except you don't press the "down" key-just the "up" key, and then a right-left direction key.
  6. To do a double cartwheel, do a cartwheel and hold the right-left direction key.
  7. To do a jump kick, run forward, jump and press the opposite direction
  8. To do a double kick, press up, then use the key that moves in the direction you're facing.


  • If you are using ultra-slow motion, there is a good chance you can dodge bullets easier by doing Matrix or jumping, and also it is not as difficult to do a successful eagle.
  • If you are doing an eagle at your enemy, and your enemy is doing a cartwheel, the cartwheel will beat the eagle.
  • Doing a Matrix can dodge bullets.
  • Doing a double cartwheel can, in the right position, bounce an enemy off the wall and hit them twice.
  • A good idea is to flick your enemy up onto the ledge with a Matrix cartwheel, and then flick them back up onto the ledge when they try to run back down.


  • Bullets are fast and powerful-watch out!
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