How to Make DIY Herbal Hairspray

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21-01-2021, 06:30
Sick of eroding the ozone layer with harsh, chemical-laden hairsprays? Not thrilled with the goopy, sticky residue from commercial hairspray? You don’t have to go out with limp hair to avoid hairspray. Instead, make your own herbal spray at home.

Pick Up Ingredients

  1. Purchase either brown or white sugar. The sugar will act as the adhesive element in your spray. While this may seem a little unconventional, the sugar should not attract bugs, bees or pests because you will be dissolving it in water and essential oils.
  2. Pick up essential oils. Select oils that not only smell nice, but oil that promotes hair growth such as orange, lemon, mint or rosemary. But of course any scent will work.
  3. Locate your tea kettle or a pan to boil water. You will need extremely hot water in order to dissolve the sugar.
    • Choose a large bowl to mix spray. Make sure the bowl can handle boiling water and will not shatter or crack.
  4. Find a spray bottle for hair spray delivery. Make sure you like the spray nozzle and pressure.
    • You may also need a small funnel to help you transfer the mixture from the bowl to the spray bottle.

Make Your Herbal Hairspray

  1. Boil 1 cup of water. Either heat the water in your tea kettle with water or boil water in a pot on the stove.
  2. Measure 1 ½ cups of either brown or white sugar. Measure sugar precisely--too much will make your spray too sticky, but too little will make it ineffective.
  3. Pour boiling water and sugar into bowl. Mix well, dissolving the sugar into the boiling water.
    • Allow bowl to sit for up to an hour or until the water cools.
  4. Add 10 to 15 drops of your favorite essential oil. Consider going with a few scents in order to create an extremely unique spray. Mix beforehand to ensure you like the aroma (in a smaller cup).
  5. Place the funnel over the spray bottle to prep for mixture delivery. Make sure the spray bottle is firmly standing on a flat surface so it doesn’t tip over. Hint--ask a friend to hold the bottle in place as your pour.
  6. Pour hairspray mixture into the bottle, keeping an eye on how much you use. You don’t want to over-pour or else you may have a sticky mess.
  7. Replace spray bottle cap/nozzle, give it a light shake and use. Before each use, shake the bottle to evenly re-distribute ingredients.


  • Keep a cap on the spray nozzle firmly in place, especially if you are keeping this bottle in a bag or tote.
  • If you want, put some loose glitter so your hair can be sparkling in the light.
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