How to Use Eye Drops to Keep Mascara from Drying Out

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4-10-2016, 18:25
Does your favorite mascara seem to dry out or clump sooner than you are ready to purchase a new one? Get more bang for your buck by using this quick and easy tip to keeping mascara liquid and smooth without adding harsh chemicals.


  1. Make sure your mascara is still viable. If you’ve had your mascara for more than 3 months or if you are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel, you may want to spring for a new bottle.
    • Check the wand for damage. A damaged mascara wand can cause issues regardless of whether you bring it back to life or not. Make sure the wand is still in good shape and/or has not been used by anyone other than you--sharing mascara will afford you a quick trip to the eye doctor (infection)!
  2. Purchase a new bottle of eye drops. You may be tempted to use a pre-opened bottle, however a previously used bottle may still harbor germs from an eye infection or may have gathered bacteria since its last use (you don’t want to use any bottle of eye drops older than a year).
  3. Open mascara bottle and wipe residue from the outer rim. Clumping and old makeup typically bottles up around the top, which can cause further issues. Use a tissue and a little petroleum jelly to remove any residue.
  4. Add several drops of eye drops directly into your mascara bottle. The number of drops will depend on how dried out the makeup has become. The best approach is to add 2 or 3 drops, shake the bottle (after replacing wand/lid) and then taking the mascara for a test drive. If you like the consistency, stop there. Otherwise add 1 or 2 more drops, shake and repeat until mascara is ready.


  • Date and label your makeup to ensure freshness and reduce the possibility of skin and eye infections.
  • Add the date you added the eye drops to the bottom of the bottle to remind you when you updated/freshened the mascara.
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