How to Sing Ode to Joy in German

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24-09-2016, 23:10
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Ode to Joy is called "An die Freude" in German, which means "To joy." Some people have a very difficult time learning new songs, not just this one. So this page will tell you how! (These lyrics were written by Schiller for Beethoven's Ninth, but it turns out that it is only the first sixth of the actual poem/song.


  1. Get a CD, tape, or mp3 file of the song. Check the library, garage sales, or even the internet.
  2. Play your new disc, tape, or file on the appropriate player. If it is poor quality, has a scratch, or is otherwise damaged, get a new one or try to repair it.
  3. Memorize the lyrics. Listen to it over and over and over and over again. Make sure you are not interrupted, and the room is quiet. Use the lyrics in the introduction to sing along.
  4. Practice your German pronunciation. If you are not a native German speaker, your mouth may not be used to making German sounds. Therefore, it may take a bit of practice to be able to sing along even when you have memorized the words. Watch the video below to help you.


  • Don't use translators. They have grammar mistakes and it will make your words sound weird.
  • Take your time learning the words!
  • Work out a plan to have lessons with yourself every day after work/school, and, if possible, before work/school.
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