How to Act Like a Warrior Cat

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4-10-2016, 19:35
Do you read, think, and dream Warriors? Well, you've come to the right place. In this article you will learn how to be a Warrior Cat!

Forming the cat character

  1. Think of what your cat might look like. Your cat can be gray (like Bluestar), Tortoiseshell (like Spottedleaf), Or even just white with black paws (like Blackstar). Your coat can look like anything! Remember your cat's pelt color, eye color, any markings (such as tabby or calico), and his or her battle scars. Examples are:
    • Dapplefur- dappled tortie with a white muzzle and amber eyes.
    • Blueflower- blue-gray with a nick in her ear and green eyes.
    • Snowstorm- white with yellow eyes and feathered ears.
  2. Choose the eye color. Your eyes can be blue, green, orange, black, or even red! But also make reasons why this particular cat has 'unique' pelt colours or weird eye colours. Try to be realistic!
  3. Develop your cat's personality. Is it sweet? Shy? Rude? Bossy? Remember though, try to avoid a Mary-Sue! (That means don't make your cat perfect. It will impact the story negatively.)
  4. Craft your cat's past. For example: Nightflower was born to Jayfrost and Willowtail in a bitter leaf-bare. Jayfrost died soon after her birth. As an apprentice, she excelled at hunting and was an ace in speed and agility. She became a warrior at an unusually young age, and so forth.

Being a part of the clan

  1. Make or join your clan. You can be WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, ThunderClan, SkyClan, BloodClan, or even StarClan. Or you can try to make a clan like SunClan, BoneClan, FrostClan, etc. But you may choose whatever you like!
  2. Choose your rank. You can be a kit, apprentice, warrior, elder, queen, medicine cat, deputy, or leader. Maybe even a rogue, loner, or kittypet!
  3. Make your name. You can make your name based on your rank, or you can make a random warrior name like Poolfeather or something like that. You can go on and type in your name and hometown to get an individual name, or you can try The Erin Hunter way, by having one list of the first part of a name (Jay, Bark, Spotted,etc.), and one with the second half (paw, claw, feather, etc.). Don't make unrealistic names; like ElectricBook or simply strange ones like FireFlame. Keep it realistic, that's what makes a good clan cat!
  4. Make a clan name. Stick to nature, but don't call your Clan NatureClan. Also, names like CookieClan, NetflixClan and WiiClan aren't good, because cats don't know what Netflix is. Names like DawnClan, IceClan, FireClan, and SunClan are just a few ideal ones.
  5. Create a map of your clan's territory. It can be anything, although it should relate to your clan's name and/or abilities. The territory for DustClan, for example, can be dusty and desert-like with dust storms. OakClan territory can be dense forest and undergrowth.
  6. Make up other cats for your clan and give them ranks. Make up a leader first, followed by a medicine cat and five to ten warriors. When you start to get comfortable, make apprentices and elders. Queens and kits are a good idea, but they're optional. Finally, choose a loyal and dedicated warrior to be the deputy.
    • If playing with friends, let them develop their own characters as wished. If there is a struggle over who is leader, etc., throw a coin for it, or take turns at different stages of your games.
  7. Start your clan. You must have a full clan to have things like meetings, patrols, training, etc. But you could also gather friends from different clans, so you can battle and have gatherings. This is probably the most important part of being a warrior, because the warrior code is for all four of the clans, which you must follow.
    • To make it even more fun, ask a couple of friends to join your clan and assign apprentices to any warriors. You could show them hunting or battle skills!
  8. If you assigned apprentices, eventually, they will become warriors. Have a warrior ceremony for them to make it even more realistic!
    • If there is more than one clan you are dealing with, have a battle sometimes. It would show, if you taught an apprentice battle moves, how well they are coming along with their training!
  9. Attend gatherings. You will be able to feed information to another cat or get information from leaders. Remember, don't spill too much.

Acting like your cat character

  1. Do what your cat does. This doesn't mean you have to walk around on all fours, but behave a bit catlike. Climb trees, eat lots of meat, "hunt", and, if you want, have a signature scent with your perfume or cologne.
  2. Spend a lot of time outdoors. Warriors live in the forest, so your backyard is a decent substitute. Shallow out a small nest in the bushes. Place specific flowers and plants in a medicine cat den. Doing this may show that you are really dedicated to your clan yard.


  • Make sure not to forget every rank for your clan. Even grumpy elders make any clan better! Even though that mouse bile really stinks.
  • Don't forget to be creative! you can do lots of things with your clan, so don't be boring.
  • Remember to use catspeak! Using catspeak is one of the signs that you are a warrior cat. All cats do it, even rogues, loners and kittypets (although they have a slightly different language based on their lives or experiences!)
  • You may not be able to hunt actual fresh-kill, but you can maybe sneak inside and take some cookies and chips from the pantry to your clan.
  • Do not attack your pet hamster, mouse, etc.
  • Read Warriors. It gets easier from there. Warriors books are popular, so look in your local library or book store. They're bound to have one or two!
  • It's also fun to do if by yourself! When you are outside you could be on a patrol, and you could have your cat or dog, if you have one, be an elder!
  • If you are given the rank of an apprentice, do not get caught calling the elders "old mouse-brains" they are still smarter than you! And respect your leader, if someone desires to quit the clan, you could hold an exile for them, which means if they come back, the warrior code says to challenge them. Study the warrior code!
  • Try purchasing a journal or notebook to record your warrior cat information. That way, you can look somewhere if you forget something.


  • Be careful with things like mates. It's just for fun, don't do anything to get in trouble with your two legs or your leader!
  • Do not hurt warriors! The clans may fight a lot, but you cannot hurt people the same way they do. Just, you know, play fight.
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