How to Write a Poem for a Guy

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Poems are a great way to express your feelings towards a person. Writing a poem for a guy isn't as hard as it may seem. Moreover, it can be really romantic if it is coming from your heart.

Sample Poems

Writing a Poem for a Guy

  1. First, sit comfortably in any spot of your choice. You may want to try choosing a nice quiet place that reminds you of the person you are writing the poem to.
  2. Before you start writing the poem, brainstorm. Find exactly what you want to write about. Think about all the good times you had together and the good memories you two shared. For example: Remember a great date you both had together, think about how you two met, and/or a place or a spot you two like. Most importantly, think about the little things that make him smile: that's what makes your poem amazing.
  3. After brainstorming your ideas, jot them all on a piece of paper. Each time you get an idea just write it down.
  4. Organize your ideas. In order to write a well organized poem, you have to sort out what goes in and what goes out.
  5. Start your poem! A great way to start a poem is by picturing your favorite setting. For example:"Its still raining, its still cold,(then say something about the guy: I'd rather be with you now than anybody else)". If you have no idea how to start your poem, just state what you love/like about the guy you are writing about whether its his hair,face,lips,the way he dresses,or something more personal.
  6. Keep on writing. Don't think about how it may turn out, just follow your gut and write whatever comes in your mind.


  • keep a dictionary with you. If you ran out of words to say, just open it.
  • Avoid making your poem too short or too long: If its too short, it would probably not get to him. If its too long, he might either get bored or the poem will lose some of its value.
  • Don't forget to mention the little things that make you smile.
  • If you reached a dead-end while writing, go back a few steps or change your position or the spot you are sitting in it helps.
  • Take your time and don't worry about the outcome, he's bound to love it.


  • If this guy happens to be a boy you are crushing on and most likely he doesn't know that, be careful: It doesn't always work and he might not feel the same way about you.
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