How to Get Anything You Want (Through Intent)

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7-02-2021, 01:30
Getting anything you want out of life is as simple as telling yourself you already have that thing. It's a bit strange, but anything you think about or rehearse in your mind actually makes it come true or get better! By thinking positively and visualizing success, you can shape your life with your thoughts. Please note this guide is based on a belief in universal forces.

Focusing Your Desire

  1. Clear your mind. When a person clears their mind, they try to stop thinking about anything. This creates a calming effect on your body and your mind. You will need to be in a calm state of mind to focus your desire properly.
    • Listening to music or using music to meditate can help. Put on some of your favorite calming music, sit in a comfortable position, and try to clear your mind. Just don’t fall asleep!
    • Take a walk. Physical activity can calm the mind. While walking, focus on your breathing and try to be in-the-moment, or aware of your surroundings. Don’t let your mind wander while you walk.
  2. Focus on the object in your mind and “ask” the universe for it. Sometimes it can be helpful to ask for what you want by writing it down.
    • For example, if you wanted a promotion at your workplace, you would write, “I would like to get a promotion at my job.” Then you would either read it out loud or in your head as many times as you needed to focus on it.
  3. Spend some time thinking about how what you want makes you feel. If you’re going to spend a lot of mental energy trying to make something happen, you want to be sure that it will be good for your life.
    • If the object you desire makes you feel happy, this is a good thing! Try to focus on the positive feelings associated with the object.
    • If the object you desire makes you feel neutral, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are many people who think that thinking neutrally about what you want will help you focus your attention on it.
    • If the object you desire makes you feel more negative emotions than positive emotions, than this may not be the right decision for your happiness. If so, you will need to create new life goals. If you are sure that you want something that makes you feel negatively, you need to work on thinking positively instead. For example, whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively, make an effort to have a positive thought instead.

Focusing Your Attention

  1. Feel the joy of having the object as if you already had it. Sit somewhere quiet and form a mental image of yourself holding the object in your arms. If your desire isn’t an object but rather a state of being (for example, being healthy and fit) imagine yourself in that state. Make as complete a picture as possible. What does it look like? How does it feel? How does it make you feel? What do you do with it? This is a process called visualization and will be useful in other steps as well.
    • For example, if you were trying to get promoted at work, you would want to think about what your life would be like with the promotion. Think about how you would get to work every day and what office you would go to. What work would you be doing? Who would be working under you, and what kinds of tasks would you give them?
  2. Take some time to think on what you desire. Think of creative ways to remind yourself of your goals so that you can visualize your success throughout your day. However, don’t let it become a chore! You don’t want any negative emotions associated with your visualization. If you need to, take a break from visualizing and clear your mind.
    • Create a vision board. Cut out pictures from magazines or create your own images and documents to glue onto a piece of cardboard or cardstock. Place the vision board somewhere where you’ll see it every day to help you positively visualize what you want more often. For example, you could create an “acceptance letter” for the promotion you wanted and pin it on your board.
    • Write a short letter to the universe thanking it for giving you what you want. For example, write “I am grateful that you helped me get a promotion at work.” This can help you feel as if you already have what you want.
  3. Don't dwell on any negative emotions. If you're disappointed in yourself in some way that has to do with what you desire, don't continue to visualize it. Think instead about all of the positive emotions you have towards what you want. For example, if you didn’t get a promotion the last time you thought you might, instead of thinking of the situation as a failure think of it as an opportunity to get a better promotion down the road.

Seizing Opportunities that Come Your Way

  1. Believe that the universe will give you new opportunities and that your visualization will manifest positively in your life. Look for new opportunities, especially in places that you wouldn’t normally expect them. This can include talking to people you normally wouldn’t or accepting invitations that you would normally decline. The universe might be giving you an avenue towards what you want!
    • For example, if you’re trying to get a promotion at work and you’re offered a position on a project that you would normally decline, accept the position instead. That project might lead you to your promotion!
    • Be patient. Large changes in your life won’t happen overnight. It can take years of thinking with intent to see the changes you want to see. Trust that the universe will take care of the details and lead you where you need to go.
  2. Trust your intuition. If you feel compelled to do something out of the ordinary, go ahead and do it. It might be the universe giving you a nudge in the right direction. For example, if you go to the same coffee shop every day on your break but suddenly feel the need to go to a different coffee shop, follow that impulse. For all you know, you may meet someone who will be pivotal in helping you reach your goals!
  3. Express gratitude for what you already have. This will help keep negative emotions away. When you’re trying to bring something you want into your life through visualization, you don’t want any negativity getting in the way of your positive visualization. This can negatively affect the outcome of your focusing and may stop you from getting what you want!


  • More thought = more power. The more thought you put into visualizing what you want, the more material you will get out of it.
  • Using intent to get what you want is not an excuse to be lazy. You must also work towards your goal as you visualize them. If you don’t put any effort in, why should the universe?
  • If you visualize something negative, you will bring negativity into your own life. If something you want is negative for someone else, that means you’re not searching for your own happiness. Instead, try to visualize good changes in your own life!


  • Realize that big items such as houses, soul mates or vehicles will not come immediately. Be patient and keep an eye open for opportunities that will bring you closer to your goal.
  • Things you want are not always the only thing this can attract. If you dwell on something negative, it very well might happen.
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