How to Flirt With a Guy (Teens)

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7-02-2021, 12:50
If you're in high-school to middle school and want to know if he's flirting with you or if you want to flirt with him, this article can definitely help you.


  1. Become his friend. Try sparking up conversation or getting yourself noticed in some fun, adventurous way.
  2. Tease him a little and be playful. Just don't make him mad or hurt his feelings. Try giving him a nickname and see how he reacts when you call him it. If he seems to take offense to the nickname you gave him, apologize.
  3. Listen to him. Be interested in what he has to say. Make eye contact when he talks to you and nod every once in a while to show him that you are listening to every word he says. No matter how much your mind wants to wander away from the conversation, respond to his questions and don't let the conversation stop and/or get boring. Be fun and spontaneous with your words and keep him guessing at what you're going to say next.
  4. Flirt on Facebook. Try commenting on his posts/pictures, liking things that he has liked, poking him and friending him if you haven't already. When you've friended him, try to chat with him on Facebook.
  5. Wear red. Scientists have shown that guys are instinctively attracted to red. Of course if he doesn't like the colour red, skip this step.
  6. Wear perfume. You don't want it to be too strong, just a scent that is fun and flirty. Try spritzing some perfume on the back of your neck. Vanilla is a scent most guys are attracted to.
  7. Fancy up your nails. Paint your nails a flirty color such as pink. You could also try wearing a sparkly nail polish. Just don't paint your nails too dark and/or sparkly.
  8. Flirt with your eyes to the guy. Flutter them slightly when you look at him or give him a soft loving look.
  9. Jokingly give him a hard time. Just make sure that he knows that you are only giving him a hard time as a joke.
  10. Watch his body language. Is he relaxed? Is he tense? Does he look uncomfortable? If his body language is saying that he is calm and happy around you, then good job; you are doing something right! If not, adjust your body language to look more approachable and maybe flirt in a different way.
  11. Always smile, be yourself, and be confident. Don't be someone you're not. Guys don't like that. Besides, shouldn't you be that way to benefit you, not just someone else?


  • Smell good.
  • Have nice clothes
  • Smile
  • Have clean teeth
  • Don't wear too much makeup
  • Have nice hair
  • Don't go extreme girly girl on him. "OMG, my new heels.." The guy will feel intimidated by your alien topics.Keep the conversation a topic you are both familiar with.
  • Don't talk about your ex.


  • Don't stare at him. Some guys find girls creepy if they are constantly staring.
  • Don't be too needy. Let him breath.
  • Don't get upset if he doesn't like you. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
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