How to Pick Which Pokemon Game to Play

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5-10-2016, 20:50
So you're in the video games section of a superstore, and here you are with fifteen Pokémon games to choose from. Which one do you choose? You'll find out the right one to choose, after reading this article.


  1. Know the basics. Generally, the newer the video game, the better it is - but there are a few exceptions. The central version is usually better than the duel games that came before it. Such as:
    • Pokémon Crystal
    • Pokémon Emerald
    • Pokémon Platinum
    • Pokémon Yellow
  2. Know which starting players you should have. Your starters are always good ways to judge a video game. When you're looking at the starters, ask yourself - "Do I like the appearance of this starter?" "What are the moves that this starter learns - and do I like them?" etc.
  3. Pay lots of attention to the graphics in each of the Pokémon series games. Graphics are a good portion of the qualities of Pokémon games. Despite this, a video games can still be a great game even if it has a small bit-count. Sonic The Hedgehog 2, to name one.
  4. Find out a little about each of the villains and their plans(as well as the cities and towns you'll go and find). You might even want to read up on the gym leaders and landscapes of the game you wish to play.
  5. Check out the legendaries on the version you want to play (and the typing of the starter you'd choose). For example, if you want to pick Torchic as your starter, you might be better off buying Sapphire instead of Ruby to avoid having 2 fire types in your team.


  • For Pokémon Sapphire there is Kyogre. It's a Water Type. For Pokémon Ruby there is Groudon. It's a GROUND TYPE! Not a Fire Type! So you can pick whoever you want!
  • You can make the most of your Pokémon video game by making videos of the game and forming it into a walk through or a play through. That way you can play the game, and get popular on the internet at the same time!
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