How to Look More Confident

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25-09-2016, 02:00
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Feel like you have no self confidence at all? Or just having a bad day? Looking and feeling self confident is very important in how people live day to day life; socializing, in the work place and just to help you get up in the morning! It isn't always easy to learn but well worth having.


  1. Smile. It is very important when trying to look confident to smile! It opens you up to other people, making you more approachable, and releases hormones that make YOU feel better. Even if you don't feel like smiling try it and it may well stick.
  2. Posture. It is something that makes a huge impact on how others perceive you. What do you think when someone is walking all hunched over? Now think of someone walking tall with head up. See the difference? Just by standing straighter you can start making a dramatic difference.
  3. Make eye contact. Don't just stare. But catch other peoples eye, look at them when speaking to them, again not staring or you will just scare people. Show them you are not afraid of them. Be daring!
  4. Accept compliments. The amount of people I know who put themselves down every time someone compliments them is truly astounding. As soon as someone puts themselves down the other person will begin noticing it too! Its inevitable. Next time someone compliments you, respond positively, and soon you will start being more confident in yourself and looking more confident to others.
  5. List 5 things that make you brilliant. Doesn't all have to be looks, though some always help. Could be your smile, your hair, your attitude, your determination... etc, you get the point.
  6. Pamper yourself. Have that long luxurious shower you have been craving since last weekend, do that pedicure you have wanted to do since last week, shave those legs you have been telling yourself can wait. Every last modification can make the world of difference to how you act and to how you feel. And the better you feel about yourself, the better other people will feel about you.
  7. Act! You may not feel confident, you may have woken up with a bad hair day, with that awful zit the size of a mountain or shaved off eyebrow from last nights rave. But either way, get up. Look in the mirror. Tell yourself 'you are gorgeous' and believe it! The more you say it the more you will believe it. And if you believe it, so will everybody else.


  • Make sure you keep thinking positively,'Every cloud has a silver lining', even though it may not seem apparent at the time.
  • Don't be afraid of difficult situations or confrontations, they are part of everyday life and can only make you stronger.
  • Laughing makes even a plain face look beautiful.
  • Eat well and exercise. there is nothing like a good nutritious breakfast and a run to wake you up and make you feel ready for the day.
  • Just take it easy and have FUN! Enjoy peoples attention and looks, it only means you doing well.
  • Learn many random things and don't hesitate to share your opinions with people. By knowing a little bit about a lot of things you will be more apt to join conversations, and to show people you are participating in their conversations and know exactly what the conversations is about more often than not. Confidence is seen through actions, not words. It is never okay to brag about yourself or call too much attention to your actions. The more you talk about your deeds, the more people think you are arrogant instead of confident. Be humble, let others draw the conclusion that you are indeed confident.
  • It's okay to not be feeling on top of your game all the time. We all have those days, take them in your stride and don't let them knock your confidence too much.


  • Be careful you do not mistake loudness for confidence, sometimes silence is more powerful.
  • Even though you should act a bit, don't act completely fake. People may think you are desperate and put you down for it.
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