How to Make a Balloon Apple

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6-10-2016, 04:45
Making a balloon apple requires a special balloon and a special technique, but it makes for a unique (and professional) result.


  1. Blow up the balloon to the size of an apple and tie it. This will not fill the balloon or even reach the colored tip.
  2. Stick your pointer finger (of your dominant hand) in your mouth all the way. Slobber on it––you need this lubrication to remove your finger from the center of the apple later. Yes, this is a trade secret you may not have wanted to know!
  3. Poke the nozzle of the balloon with your slobbery finger up toward the stem base.
  4. Take your other hand, exactly at the base of the stem, push in and grab the nozzle of the balloon. Pinch it hard. Make at least two good twists, attaching the nozzle to the stem inside the balloon.
  5. Remove your finger, which should be easy if you slobbered on it enough.
  6. Make minor adjustments, like pushing the stem in a little bit deeper or squeezing air away from a bulging side, to make a nicely shaped apple.
  7. Finished.


  • This technique is used quite often by professionals to hide the nozzle of a balloon in any sculpture, so when you look closely at your sculpture, you will be unable to see how it was filled with air, which is a very nice professional touch.
  • The nozzle of a balloon is where the air goes in. The tip, aka nipple (the stem in this case) is the opposite side.
  • To look like Carmen Miranda, place the balloon apple in a balloon hat.

Things You'll Need

  • The apple balloon is made with a balloon known in the profession as a "Bee Body" because it is also used for making balloon beesYou will need a special balloon called a "bee body".
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