How to Clean Saffiano Leather

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27-02-2021, 08:30
Saffiano leather is a special type of leather produced using Prada’s proprietary stamping method. The leather’s surface is generally water repellent, but if it gets soiled, check the care tag on your product. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If that doesn’t work, try a gentle cleaning method like using soap and warm water. If you’re having trouble getting your Saffiano leather clean, try a more intensive cleaning method, or bring it to a cleaning professional.

Using Gentle Cleaning Methods

  1. Check care tags before getting started. Before you choose a cleaning method, check for care tags attached to your Saffiano bag, jacket, or other product. These care tags often have recommended methods for cleaning Saffiano leather. If present, follow these directions and only use an alternate method if the recommended method proves ineffective.
  2. Test the cleaning procedure on a less visible area. Whether you’re cleaning a handbag, a coat, or some other Saffiano leather product, there is always a chance that the cleaning method you’ve selected does more harm than good. To be sure you won’t damage your Saffiano leather, test your cleaning method of choice by applying it to a section of leather that won’t be visible.
    • For instance, if you’re cleaning a Saffiano leather passport jacket, test your cleaning method on the inside of the jacket rather than the outside, where the area you really want to clean is.
    • When testing, check the surface of your cleaning cloth, sponge, or cotton swab regularly to see if you’re removing any color from the leather. If you are, find an alternate cleaning method.
  3. Use a baby wipe. Baby wipes are perfect for cleaning Saffiano leather for the same reason they are good for cleaning babies: they are gentle and won’t cause damage when applied. You could use baby wipes to clean your Saffiano leather with gentle, circular motions. Alternately, you could rub the baby wipe in one direction across the surface of your Saffiano leather until it is clean.
  4. Mix soap and water. If a baby wipe didn’t quite do the job, you could try soap and water. Mix a few drops of liquid soap with about two cups (240 milliliters) of warm distilled water. Mix them together with a few gentle stirs and dip a sponge or soft hand towel into the water.
    • With your sponge or towel damp (but not soaking wet), gently wipe the leather’s surface.
    • Use a dry sponge or hand towel to remove any excess liquid once you’ve cleaned the leather to your satisfaction.
    • Do not use tap water. The chlorine content could damage your Saffiano leather.
  5. Apply water and baking soda. If both baby wipes and soapy water have failed, try to clean your Saffiano leather with a baking soda mixture. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with ½ cup (120 milliliters) water. Dip a hand towel or dry cloth into the mixture and gently rub the spot you wish to clean in a circular motion, or wipe the area with continuous wipes in one direction.

Removing Stains

  1. Use rubbing alcohol. Dab a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Pat the Saffiano leather with the cotton ball where you wish to clean it. Do not rub or wipe the cotton all across the leather’s surface or you might cause the color to rub off. After about 15 minutes, when the leather is dry, soak the cotton ball again and gently wipe the spot you previously dabbed.
    • Add a small amount of hand cream to a cotton ball. Rub the cotton ball into the spot you’ve been cleaning.
    • Use a dry cotton ball to remove excess hand cream.
    • You can use this method to effectively remove ink from Saffiano leather, but instead of applying hand cream at the end, turn your blow dryer on the lowest setting and use it to dry the spot where you applied the alcohol.
  2. Make a paste. Mix cream of tartar and lemon juice in equal parts to make a paste. For instance, you might mix one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of cream of tartar. Rub the paste on the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. Remove the paste with a rag dampened with distilled water and moisturizing soap.
    • Dry the leather with a dry, soft cloth or paper towel.
  3. Use specialty stain removers. If you have a serious stain that cannot be easily removed using any of the prior methods, you might need to turn to a specialized stain remover. These are readily available from many big box stores and online. For instance, if you have an ink stain that won’t come out, invest in an ink stain remover that is approved for use with Saffiano leather.
    • Directions for using specialty stain removers vary. Consult manufacturer instructions before use.
  4. Take your leather product to a specialist. If you cannot clean your Saffiano leather properly even with the help of a specialty stain remover, take it to a specialist. You’ll have to shell out a bit extra, but at least you’ll have your Saffiano leather looking clean.

Taking Care of Saffiano Bags

  1. Empty everything from your bag. If you try cleaning Saffiano purses or business bags while they have things in them, the shifting contents could make it difficult to apply the cleaning agent of your choice. To avoid this, remove everything from your bag and lay it flat on a table or other flat surface before cleaning.
  2. Add filler to preserve the bag’s shape. If you’re not using your bag, put some rolled up old t-shirts or even bunched-up newspapers inside the bag so it doesn’t collapse on itself. If the Saffiano leather sits unused for too long, the lines which develop when it settles might become difficult or impossible to work out.
  3. Use a dust bag for protection. A dust bag should have come with your purse or business bag when you purchased it. The dust bag is the case in which you should store your bag when you’re not using it regularly. This way, it will be protected from collecting dust and dirt, or getting anything yucky spilled on it. Place your Saffiano leather purse in its dust bag then store it in the closet or beneath your bed.
    • If you lost or didn’t get a dust bag, just store it in an empty pillowcase and roll the case up at the end before stashing it somewhere safe.
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