How to Make an Origami 8 Point Star

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6-10-2016, 19:45
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If you're becoming pretty good at origami{paper folding} and you're looking for a new project that challenges you, this star is fairly difficult. It's not for beginners, but that doesn't mean beginners can't do it; it just takes time and perseverance to master.


  1. Make an A4 piece of paper into a square.
    • Fold it so that there is a triangle at the top and a small rectangle at the bottom.
    • Rip off the long strip.
    • Open up the triangle.
  2. Fold it in half from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner. Unfold.
  3. Fold it horizontally. Unfold.
  4. Fold it vertically. Unfold.
  5. Fold two corners so that they meet at the center line. (In the picture shown, corner 1 is folded and corner 2 still needs to be folded to the center line.) Unfold.
  6. Repeat for the opposite side. You will still fold corners 1 and 2 to the center orange line, but this time, the fold will originate on the opposite side (the left). Unfold.
  7. Turn the paper 90 degrees and repeat the previous two steps. Unfold. You'll have made a total of 8 folds.
  8. Refold one of the corners.
  9. Lift the middle so that the other side is folded down too.
  10. Fold the corner in the middle in half on both sides.
  11. Stick your finger in the corner so it looks like this.
  12. Fold the bottom corners of the diamond to the middle.
  13. Fold the loose edge up.
  14. Make another flap by pulling on the line in the middle of the pentagon.
  15. Fold the top corner of the flap to the middle from both sides.
  16. Stick your finger in the flap so it looks like this.
  17. Repeat steps 9-17 until it looks like this.
  18. Grab the corner pointing right. Grab the other corner out and form the flap. Form another flap between these two flaps by grabbing the crease in the middle.
  19. Carry out steps 10-14 for the two flaps on the side.
  20. Continue. For the flap in the middle, carry out steps 16-17. The finished product should look like the illustration in the introduction.
  21. Make sure the points alternately overlap. Finished!


  • Make the creases very carefully.
  • Make the creases with strong pressure.


  • Be patient and don't get frustrated by this process. It takes time to learn.
  • Beware of paper cuts!

Things You'll Need

  • A4 paper
  • Ruler to assist with creasing
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